Hey, Look at Me! I’m a Venture Capitalist.

SAN FRANCISCO — For Rick Heitzmann, a venture capitalist at FirstMark Capital, the moment is now.Two companies that FirstMark invested in years ago, Pinterest and Postmates, have filed paperwork to...

The Rise and Rise of Death Online

The remaining founder, Hayden Hewitt, who made the decision not to host the Christchurch video, acknowledged that Liveleak’s audience leans right, and that a racist contingent has found a home...

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at eToro

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Russia Parliament Approves Swift-Alternative but Moves Crypto Bill to April

Two very contrasting events took place in Russia lower house parliament last week. In the first, the State Duma approved the international use of a Swift-like financial network to eliminate the...

New Opacity 1.0 Launch Site is live!

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Always be mindful of what you actually invest on!

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Still In Strong Uptrend, Buying Dips Favored

Bitcoin price traded to a new monthly high at $4,064 and later corrected lower against the US Dollar.The price declined sharply below $3,950, but dips remained supported above $3,900.There is...