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Samsung’s Frame TV Doubles as Artwork

You could hang a painting above your fireplace, but then where would your giant TV go? To solve that conundrum, Samsung wants you to hang its new Frame TV, which is designed to be both a painting and a giant TV.

Available later this spring, the Frame enters a special "art mode" when you turn it off. Together with a bezel that looks like an actual picture frame, the overall effect approximates a work of art, albeit a backlit one. The customizable art mode includes more than 100 works in 10 different categories such as landscape, architecture, and wildlife.

The picture frame bezel is also interchangeable to match the art you choose to display as well as the rest of your decor. A special no-gap wall mount and support for Samsung's new "invisible cable" completes the painting effect. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to set the Frame on a table instead of mounting it to the wall, there's also an optional studio stand.


Samsung didn't announce detailed specs or pricing for the Frame, but given that the company hired renowned Swiss designer Yves Behar to help create it, we expect it to cost as much or more than an actual work of art.

The Korean electronics giant also teased its 2017 QLED TV lineup on Tuesday, which is available now and starts at $2,800. In addition to picture quality improvements—Samsung claims QLED technology eliminates color distortion and achieves 100 percent color volume—the new sets come with revamped software. An updated Smart View app now has voice control for many functions, and there's also a redesigned Samsung TV Plus interface for streaming films, music, and TV shows.

For more on Samsung's QLED technology, check out our explainer from CES.

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