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Almost Perfect NES Classic Edition Clones Are Being Sold

When Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, it made the mistakes of not making enough of them and then deciding to discontinue the mini console rather than reacting to demand and making more. That left a big hole in the market, and it looks as though that hole is been filled with a very good clone of the official machine.

NeoGAF member Lupin the Third spotted listings for the imitation NES Classic Edition on AliExpress and Alibaba before eBay listings also started appearing. They are sure to be removed as and when they are reported, but images of the clone reveal some effort has been put into making it look as official as possible.

NES Classic Edition Clone

The logo is crooked and the interface is slightly different, but it looks as though the units work without fault and support the expected controllers just like the real thing. They are also going to be a lot cheaper than the now very scarce official units being sold with stupidly high price tags.

Nintendo brought this clone problem on itself by not listening to gamers and refusing to meet demand. Now the company's legal team will be dispatched to issue cease and desists and demand listing be taken down. We know Nintendo will take such action as they have before for R4 carts and game imports. It's just a shame they aren't so vigilante when it comes to producing what the gaming community really wants.

NES Classic Edition Clone

I suspect thousands of these cloned Classic Edition units will be sold, and I guarantee a cloned SNES Classic Edition is going to appear, too. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it's already being manufactured ready to launch alongside the official unit in September, which will inevitably sell out almost immediately.

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