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21 Years Later, Someone Is Making a New Nintendo 64 Controller

I remember buying a Nintendo 64 on launch day and instantly fell in love with the three prong controller layout. But I may be in the minority as the controller design was not universally loved by any means. In fact, 21 years after it first appeared in 1996, a modern and unofficial alternative is going to be made.

It's called the Retro Fighters controller for N64 and it re-imagines what the N64 controller should offer by taking into account modern principles. What we end up with, is a controller that looks much closer to a PS4 or Xbox pad.

The new controller is being funded via Kickstarter and has already surpassed its goal by some margin. The Retro Fighters team required $13,000 for a successful campaign. With 28 days still to go they've already raised over $67,000.

As you can see from the image and video above, the pad is a much more conventional design. The C button has been made larger, two Z buttons are located below the shoulder buttons, the D-pad is said to have "zero deadzone," and there's a new turbo button available to use. All this has been achieved while retaining 100 percent memory card and rumble pak compatibility.


What you may be surprised to hear is that the new controller does not support USB. This is down to the time and money constraints of the project. Such constraints haven't really put the price up too much, with Retro Fighters selling them for $20 each. The good news is, as well as getting a new N64 controller, Retro Fighters is promising a second, USB version of the pad.

If you'd like a brand new and modern design N64 controller, head on over to Kickstarter to pick one up for $20. They'll start shipping out in November, meaning there's plenty of time to setup your N64 again and check everything else still works.

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