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GameStop’s Assassin’s Creed Origins Advert Is Too Honest

There are many things that frustrate gamers who choose to pay for their games and support the development teams making them. Top of the list has to be DRM, which thankfully even the most evil of which is being rendered useless.

The other big one is content blocks, which sees content made available at launch only if you buy from a specific retailer, or a specific edition, or pre-order weeks or months in advance.

Assassin's Creed Origins GameStop Advert

We all know this happens and it is frustrating, but as Kotaku reports, GameStop decided that reminding us how frustrating it is would make for a good advertising campaign to entice more pre-orders. And so, we got the advert you see here as tweeted by PC gamer @YourPalRags.

Another way of reading this advert would be "It's your fault if you don't get to play the bonus mission."

As GameStop clearly states in its branding, "Power to the Players." But the only power players have here is to pre-order the game from GameStop or lose access to content. That hardly seems fair, does it?

I would argue that GameStop needs to adjust the wording in the advert as it's technically not completely accurate.


The revised version should read. "Sorry. The Bonus Mission Is Blocked. Unless You Wait For The GotY Edition." Because we all know it will be unlocked for all players either a few months from now or appear as a bullet-point on the back of the Game of the Year Edition box in a year or so.

Assassin's Creed Origins will be released on October 27 for Windows PCs, PS4, and Xbox One. Regardless of where you purchase the game from, it's going to cost around $60 on launch day. If you want the blocked mission, then GameStop requires you pre-order the game in the next 14 days.

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