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Blockchain-Based Communication Platform Aims to Protect Your Personal Messages

Blockchain-Based Communication Platform Aims to Protect Your Personal Messages


The announcement of a Facebook Messenger Kids has parents worried that hackers may know where to find their children online, and access their private messaging content and lives. The controversial app aims to allow kids to ‘safely’ message and video chat with friends and loved ones. By allowing parents to control the Facebook account, they can monitor their children’s IM activity.

Underlying the parent discord is the sentiment that instant messenger users do not feel as if they have control over their data and privacy on chat apps. Many parents, themselves, face illicit activity on their Facebook accounts. The average user confronts all sorts of malware, from adware to phishing schemes, trying to take over instant messaging. Opening another virtual door to the household’s online life and handing children the keys is anathema to most parents.

The Internet of Things introduces another growing security risk as household appliances, entertainment systems, energy systems and controls link up digitally connected life. Business data from the office and factory is also interconnected with mobile devices. Cybersecurity is key to ensuring this interconnected world functions safely and efficiently. Encryption solutions, however, have failed to lock out the hackers, phishers and spammers—the so-called man-in-the-middle (MITM).

Ironclad instant messaging and communication system

A new proprietary encryption identification system called Crypviser prevents the MITM from accessing, stealing or manipulating data across personal and business communication systems. 1.2 bln active users use Facebook Messenger monthly, making it a key target of hacking schemes. Sell data is another major privacy concern. WhatsApp is under investigation in France for providing user data to Facebook without users’ permission. The popular IM, whose content is said to be openly accessible by US intelligence agencies has over a billion users.

Data is exchanged through public keys directly between the parties, allowing instant chat, audio, video, documents, photos and conferences to be safely exchanged without being intercepted by third parties.

The IM communications and payments app allows users to circumvent the centralized systems of messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber. Instead, parties communicate directly over a public network on the Blockchain. The platform uses patent-pending Blockchain authentication and verification system to prevent MITM attacks. If a third-party does enter the system, an intelligent intrusion detection system ensures detection and protection. The decentralized system further protects data by storing it on the device rather than on a messenger service’s centralized server. Crypviser can securely run on multiple devices. Any attempt to hack, steal or tamper with data would require changes to all transactions stored on individual computers on the transparent Blockchain.

Crypviser provides a complete communications and data storage solution to allow users to operate within the secure CV ecosystem. CV offers a full communications suite for the private community user, secure business and large corporation. Standard communication suite services start with instant messaging, voice calls and video calls. These packages include the CV proprietary authentication system and encrypted local storage. The CVPay payments system and an electronic wallet are also included, allowing store and transfer CVCoin between Crypviser users.

IOS and Android apps are currently in beta testing mode. The Crypviser messenger will officially be in operation in early 2018. The free app allows users to verify the security codes for chats and calls individually, whereas a paid app fully automates the encryption process, providing the highest level of security. The app can be purchased and chats verified using the CVCoin available on cryptocurrency exchanges (currently at www.openledger.io).

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