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ZoZo Coin Joins Digital Distributed Technology Moldova Association for Blockchain Real Estate Investment Projects


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Since its launch in 2016, fintech startup ZoZo Coin has primarily focused its efforts on targeting real estate opportunities and leveraging the practical uses of blockchain-based technology. In October 2017, ZoZo community members donated a grand total of 16,000 ZoZo towards disaster relief for the Typhoon that hit Khanh Hoa, Vietnam. This is a modest example of cryptocurrency being used successfully to aid people in time of great need.

ZoZo is focused on innovating the real estate blockchain industry and believes that the best way to do so is by listening to its people and learning about community issues, and how local governments affect those communities. The company is excited for the opportunity to add value within the Republic of Moldova to achieve economic progress and gains.

ZoZo Coin has investigated a number of local projects, hoping to provide investment opportunities ranging from two to ten millions US dollars. The team also hopes to encourage growth within the tourism and real estate sectors. This a new model for combining blockchain, real estate, and local economic growth, creating new income sources to small businesses in that locality of the project.

The ZoZo Coin team are enthusiastic to support education and have just joined the distributed Moldova association for blockchain and real estate investment projects. The company have stated that it is more than satisfied with its partnership with the association.

ZoZo’s interest in blockchain technology Investments certainly leans towards more local projects with a specific connection to job creation in the Moldovan market as they look to support the Digital Moldovan 2020 Roadmap.

DTMA is currently preparing the creation of the first ZoZo lab to be hosted within academia. The team will recruit students for internships to work on projects such as marketing, PR, IT and real estate projects.

DTMA works closely with Mr Vadim Ceban, Executive committee, Gagauzia in exploring potential blockchain applications that will deliver innovation, investment and potential job creation to the region. DTMA also working alongside Mrzozo Grigore Belostecinic, Rector of the Academy of Economic Studies Moldova, thus providing potential projects to support ASEM and to provide educational workshops/seminars to the general public and government bodies.

ZoZo is a strong believer that blockchain opportunities should be considered as a tool to further higher education and employment creation. This could be used to compete with the global market alongside creating local startups to enter the Global blockchain market.

With the increasing demand for AI, IOT and blockchain experts, Moldova is starting to look at the global and local markets for economic growth. ZoZo Coin has taken the first step in joining DTMA, as well as sponsoring the association to the value of $100,000 USD. Zozo Coin has also been integrated into the trading platform Drachmae Market, enabling local traders to participate in ZoZo Coin, in addition to 8 fiat currency pairs for trading.

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