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50+ Bitcoins Total Jackpot at Bitcoin Casino US

Striking it rich online is more than possible at an establishment like BitcoinCasino.us. This bitcoin casino has many games that feature a progressive pot—meaning that they get bigger with each try. In fact, the casino-wide total is up to a massive 4923.313 mBTC. All you have to do to have a shot at this pot of gold is participate in any of the games at BitcoinCasino.us that feature a progressive jackpot!

Introducing BitcoinCasino.us

For those unfamiliar with BitcoinCasino.us, it’s an established online casino that operates solely in bitcoin—a cryptocurrency. That provides members a great deal of privacy. It also ensures fast payouts. Even massive wins off progressive jackpots are payed out in under 15 minutes. That’s incredible. The industry standard is two to three days, and sizable wins can take weeks. This online casino also has an amazing selection of games, and that library is growing bigger every week. Many of those games have progressive pots, which means a shot at a big reward in addition to the standard local prizes.

A Massive Total Jackpot

As this piece is written, there are about 20 progressive jackpot games at BitcoinCasino.us. Jackpots range in size across a variety of games and providers, and amounts increase as players spin their favorite slot machines but don’t take home that special prize. Total jackpot isn’t a single prize but a representation of what’s available across the entire casino. It’s a truly massive amount regardless and compares favorably to many online casinos that promise progressive payouts but just can’t reach these heights.

Spread Across a Wide Selection

BitcoinCasino.us offers a great selection. Nowhere is that truer than in its slots library. It features everything from classic fruit machines to the latest in video slot technologies. Not surprisingly, the progressive machines are from developers like NetEnt and Betsoft. These developers not only offer great local prizes and massive progressive payouts, but they double down on groundbreaking production values. The graphics, animations, music, sound effects and more are from developers at the top of their game and not unlike the level of quality you’d expect to find in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Jackpot Games

Progressive jackpots at BitcoinCasino.us are always in flux. They get larger as people spin and don’t win the big prize. They get smaller when people hit pay dirt. You don’t have to do anything special to win a pot. Some games will require a max bet or all pay lines active, but otherwise, you just play the game as your normally would. As mentioned earlier, BitcoinCasino.us adds games on a weekly—sometimes daily—basis, and that extends to progressive games as well. Those new games contribute to a higher total pot, and they tend to see a lot of extra action while they are new and have everyone’s attention.

Taking Your Shot

Ready to take your shot at a life-changing prize? Membership at BitcoinCasino.us is open to all, including players from the United States. Minimum deposits are small, and you can even maximize your chances to win big with a welcome bonus, everyday reload bonuses, weekend specials, free spin opportunities and up to 10-percent cash back on net losses each week! Waging requirements are fair and reasonable and tend not to really matter when you’re shooting for the moon. Good luck!

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