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DNotesEDU Prioritizes Investor Protection in Cryptocurrency Education

Cryptocurrency education platform DNotesEDU has announced a massive upgrade, offering expanded content that provides entry level educational material focusing on cryptocurrency and personal finance. According to DNotesEDU education director Brandon Cheliak, the changes are an effort to address the cryptocurrency market’s current lack of sound information about investor protection and education.

The DNotesEDU platform is focused on empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to be able to make sound cryptocurrency investments. The additional educational material is designed to fill in the gap between what the average ‘mainstream’ investor finds easy to understand, and what the industry considers “beginner friendly”, with the following guide:

If Cryptocurrency Confuses You… Start Here

DNotesEDU provides a wide range of FREE educational material consisting of easy to understand guides, explanations, and industry videos. For those wishing to delve deeper into the technology, they can check out the material in the sub-module Cryptocurrency Education: Free Courses. Interesting articles and news briefs are included in the modules to enhance the learning experience. Videos are used to help explain concepts such as blockchain, mining, proof of stake, proof of work, wallets, smart contracts, and more.

The content rich site is also focused on helping investors assess risks and identify potential red flags. As Cheliak notes, “It’s common for new technology industries to see their fair share of con-artists coming up with clever ways to dupe unsuspecting investors. Among these cons are various forms of paid cryptocurrency ‘education packages’, sometimes with complex tier structures, and often with great promises of wealth. It is very important that people educate themselves.”

Cheliak said that DNotesEDU recognizes the difficulty people will have making the transition to a digital financial world of cryptocurrencies. The platform is committed to providing those people with information about money, the financial system, and other important factors to help them protect themselves against potential financial fraud.

The information has been designed to be entry-level, explaining investment products, strategies, and styles using short videos and other easy-to-understand mediums. The content packed sections are broken down into modules and sub-modules. An index at the bottom of each page provides a link to material covering different concepts and terms.

Cheliak stressed the important role that education can play in protecting investors. “Critical to investor protection is having sufficient knowledge of the risks associated with various investments, especially cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO),” he said. “ICOs are facing regulatory scrutiny, and investors need to know how these regulations will affect their investment. At present, ICOs represent an extreme level of risk, especially to new investors.”

To protect investors and give them some of the tips and resources needed to evaluate the various cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings, DNotesEDU has prepared a Cryptocurrency & ICO Screening Guide for Investors. The guide is for those who are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies or ICO tokens, understand that it is high risk, but have no idea what to look for in the 1500 coins and tokens available. It is not intended as financial or investment advice.

A Security module has also been included, with a basic introduction to “Online Security & Fraud Protection”. Short beginner level videos will acquaint the reader with the ever-present danger of financial or identity theft that occurs without proper email security, as well as Wifi security, firewalls, anti-virus software, and basic password practices.


DNotes EDU is a self-funded project by certain members of the DNotes team and community. The material on the site is not to be interpreted as investment advice. Any references to specific cryptocurrencies, financial products, or businesses mentioned in any articles or videos are purely for educational purposes. DNotesEDU advises that investors never accept a buy recommendation from anyone at face value, that they educate themselves, and always make their own decisions.

The team takes a conservative, long term approach to the industry, believing that success will come to the groundbreakers that abide by the law and follow the standards of good business practices. The goal of DNotesEDU is to provide truth and trust in cryptocurrency.

About DNotes EDU

For more information please visit: https://dnotesedu.com/

Media contact
Name: Brandon Cheliak
Email: [email protected]

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