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New e-Chat Advisor Puts Spirits into Project Development

e-Chat is a progressive decentralized messaging platform and a fast-growing social network backed up by a skilled international management team and a wide board of advisors who are experts and high-experienced professionals in their fields.

One of the latest advisors to join the e-Chat board is Maria Jones. She is well-known in the cryptoworld as the Bitcoin woman, having over 100K followers in Instagram and 2K in Facebook. Maria is extremely proficient in digital marketing and public relations being on opinion sharpener for thousands of her followers on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and other social network channels.

Maria Jones has been wrapped up in the cryptostartup nourishment, business strategy, social media, and entrepreneurship for quite a while already. Due to her efforts, the e-Chat project has been showcased to the Israeli-based venture capital investment fund Singulariteam. The fund is widely-known for supporting cryptoprojects on their early stages and has already given seed money to 50+ cryptostartups.

There are many benefits e-Chat is bringing to its end users: confidentiality, protection against blocking, security, cross-platform compatibility, intuit user-friendly interface and the freemium nature. Maria elaborated on the advanced functionality of e-Chat, namely the ‘Cryptolike’ and the progressive option of ‘Blogger Crypto Exchange’ that is still in the Roadmap of the project. The technological know-how of Singulariteam management and their skills could bring the development of e-Chat to a new level.

The main round of ECHT tokens offer has been extended until March 1, 2018. During this time 1 ECHT costs $1.425, so the Discount is 5%.

The e-Chat team is actively negotiating with Exchanges to enlist ECHT for trade and makes partnership contacts with various projects and Blockchain enthusiasts.

Visit the official website of e-Chat, follow their latest news and don’t miss your chance to participate in the ICO.

Unit 25A,

Wing Hing Commercial Building,

139 Wing Lok Street,

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

+8 (528) 009-06441 – Hong Kong


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