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Advertising ICO Crowdsales on A4G DSP

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Since their introduction in 1983 with “eCash”, cryptocurrencies have attracted a lot of attention. Thanks to an average ICO return of 1320%, many cryptocurrencies get launched every day. As a result of this, many investors have decided to join in too and flood cryptocurrency market in a pool of money. Which led consequently to a lot of companies to turn their focus into the direction of the crypto world.

A4G DSP have decided to revolutionize ICO crowdsales and take it to the next level. With the launch of its Crypto-package filled with a lot of interesting features :

Traffic Sources:

A4G DSP can help clients target the most notorious websites in the cryptocurrency/finance sphere and place their ads in the most ROI friendly placements. Thanks to filter lists, they can refine to the fullest their targeting to attract more and more investors.

Thanks to a vast network of domains in its inventory, A4G DSP can help place client’s ads on many different sources [Over 12 billion available impressions per day].


A4G DSP boasts an armada of features built around a strong infrastructure all in the effort to ease the task of media buying and focusing more on driving more attention to client’s ICO and its strengths.

These features include:

Auto-optimization rules: these rules will automatically optimize client’s traffic based on the performance of placements. It serves the sole purpose of blacklisting those placements where the client wastes budget for no conversions and focusing on getting more traffic from sources that have proven to be very profitable. Automatically increase the CPM from placements that are converting very well to get more traffic for the client’s ICO! Automatically adjust the CPM from placements that are converting but where the eCPA is too high.

Filter Lists: Filter lists in general have the duty of narrowing down the client’s targeting to reach the desired audience. For advertisers with prior knowledge about their audience, they can just make a whitelist of domains, placements, IPs, … A4G DSP will make sure to get client’s ads to placements by filtering out impressions that don’t fit in their filter list.

Micro bidding: Micro bidding is a powerful tool for budget-use optimisation. Based on the performance of a certain placement, the client has the possibility to change their bid accordingly. A website is converting very well? Increase the CPM just for that website and see more converting traffic!

Retargeting: Retargeting or Audience List targeting is a very powerful tool to recapture the interest of potential investors. By tagging their devices, A4G DSP can follow them by client’s ads on different formats (Banner/Native) and platforms (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet), after they leave client’s page without converting. This feature has proven to be very necessary for any ICO launch campaigns, as only 2% of the traffic converts after a first visit and even less for such campaigns.

With a very targeted audience, the best way for an ICO to attract more investors is to remain on top of their mind.

Payments with cryptocurrencies: To complete the package, A4G DSP have added the possibility to add funds using Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Through their partnership with Bitpay, they have added a new payment gateway that accepts payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash from compatible wallets.

Dedicated Account Manager: In order for A4G DSP to offer their clients the most enjoyable media buying experience, they will be accompanying them throughout the whole process. Since the registration, they will be assigned to an account manager that will provide them with all the assistance they need in their efforts to set up new campaigns, optimize traffic and learn more about the platform.

For more information, feel free to send an email with the subject “Press release” to pr(at)a4g(dot)com

Registration link: http://dsp.a4g.com/IcoLander

Time to take your ICO to the next level with A4G DSP!

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