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ARK to Jump-start Blockchain Development By Sponsoring HackPrinceton 2018

Blockchain startup ARK has attended Princeton University for it prestigious 2018 spring hackathon.

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This thirty-six-hour long competition plays host to hundreds of students, programmers, entrepreneurs and developers from college and universities from across the United States.

The Princeton 2018 Hackathon event ran from March 30th, 2018 to April 1st, 2018.

Four student teams were tasked with creating software and hardware projects that address certain problems and solve them. The organizers stated that the event was designed to accommodate newcomers to coding/design/hardware or a seasoned hackers. All participants were welcomed to the event, especially those with a passion for learning, a willingness to collaborate with people of different backgrounds, and a desire to benefit the world with technology.

ARK leveraged the opportunity to scout talents and presents its pioneering blockchain platform to the public. ARK especially wanted to throw its door wide open to absolutely anyone who wanted to participate and explore ARK technology, learn its ins and outs, and launch their very own blockchain that will run on ARK technology within minutes. The company has also created a lightweight deployment script, ARK Deployer, for competitors to enable them to create ARK based blockchains.

ARK team was in attendance alongside an eclectic mix of developers and community supporters, including:

Mike Doty – ARK Co-founder

Khanh Vuong  – ARK Co-founder

Simon Downey – ARK IoT dev

Karel L. Kubat  –  ARK community dev

Ruud Seegers  – ARK community dev

Robert Hissink Muller — ARK community dev

Deploying With ARK Deployer

With ARK Deployer, users will be able to test the limitations of the ARK blockchain and a chance to see virtual web application blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin connecting through SmartBridge technology.

ARK possess truly one-of-a-kind feature that enables it to freely utilize features like smart contract technology freely and openly on different chains. ARK Deployer developers can create decentralized applications with the use of simple REST APIs in over twelve different programming languages.

Bridging Blockchains and Networks Together

ARK’s blockchain network brings together the traditional staple features found on other blockchain systems and unites them on an interlinked ecosystem that brings the best of both worlds together.

ARK has also introduced a novel feature for connecting systems together through its BridgeChain. BridgeChain enables users to integrate Azure PublicIP and Firewall configurations as a pre-built element, run Ubuntu VM in Azure, implement their own BridgeChain node and ARK Explorer. This integrated solutions can be up and run in 20 minutes or less with the pleasure of enjoying continuous benefits afforded by customizable and re-usable deployment script.

BridgeChain can be utilized as a springboard for creating one’s own BridgeChain as illustrated here. The process will require an active Microsoft Azure account with a basic knowledge of how to connect via SSH.

ARK Official Website: https://ark.io/

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