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eHealth First: Bringing Digitalization to the Health Care Sector

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The current state of the medical industry

Our world is becoming increasingly digitalized. As we progress further into the 21st century, we see the rapid digitalization of countless sectors, from commerce to travel to education. With an ever-increasing number of technology users and new technological innovations being developed right and left, the digitalization of a further industry is becoming a reality—medicine.

Enter one of the most recent innovations to medicine—and a key driver in its inevitable digitalization — eHealth First.

Digitize your health

eHealth First is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform for personalized health and longevity management. Implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, the platform promises to provide health advice to users and facilitate the diagnosis process for physicians.

In essence, eHealth First is a decentralized database. Medical professionals have already been digitally storing crucial information—from patient records to the latest medical research—for years, but storing this information on the blockchain provides more security and accessibility. eHealth First takes the existing medical information and maximizes its potential.

Using such technologies as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning, the platform will enable users to efficiently search the database to find diagnoses or potential treatments. Though the database is massive, as the information available on medicine is almost boundless, produced by medical researchers and experienced physicians alike, the use of AI technologies will ensure an efficient and accurate search process.

Natural language processing is an interdisciplinary field merging computer science with linguistics, and its integration is paramount to the effective execution of a database of this scale. Using advanced natural language processing algorithms, eHealth First will be able to efficiently comb through expansive bodies of text to locate the relevant information. The software’s artificial intelligence will enable it to make informed decisions, and through machine learning, it will continuously improve its capabilities, always learning from its mistakes.

Furthermore, when examining medical research, the platform will employ the concepts of biostatistics and clinical epidemiology to help determine the accuracy and validity of the obtained findings. In short, eHealth First is, by a long shot, the most advanced medical database the world has seen to date.

Benefits for users

Even if you don’t work in the healthcare sector, you’ve benefited from its services. Health care is an essential service that we all use, and thus, everyone stands to benefit from eHealth First. The platforms benefits, however, extend beyond users to healthcare professionals, including healthcare providers, researchers, and software developers.

Patients and healthy people alike can use the EHF platform to store personal information (and share it with appropriate persons), monitor their health, and obtain a “second opinion” on a diagnosis or treatment plan, among further uses. eHealth First can assist not only with combatting a contracted disease or dealing with an existing condition but also with prevention, helping healthy people remain healthy.

Benefits for healthcare providers

The EHF platform can also serve as a major aid for healthcare providers. Doctors can use the app or website to, among other uses, obtain accurate, up-to-date health information on patients, check the latest clinical recommendations regarding a particular treatment or medication, and to communicate with patients regarding their health concerns or treatment plans. Essentially, it allows healthcare providers to offer elevated services more efficiently.

Benefits for researchers

Additionally, researchers, both public and commercial, can make use of the platform to carry out population studies on or obtain statistical information about the impersonal data of users who have explicitly consented to their data being used for study purposes. In the case of commercial researchers, EHF moreover offers a platform to disseminate service and product information.

Benefits for developers

Finally, eHealth First constitutes an opportunity for software developers to develop, publish, distribute, and sell health-related applications on the EHF marketplace. Since these applications will mostly be created for the patient, health-conscious individual, or healthcare provider, these parties also stand to benefit from developers’ work.

Utility of the ETF token

eHealth First employs an internal token for use on the platform. Users can spend their tokens to purchase services or apps—and if they purchase services developed under the EFH project or by project partners, they can even receive a discount up to 50%. Tokens can also be used to partake in special health campaigns or programs.

In addition to purchasing goods and services, tokens can be used to leverage voting power—users can vote on platform developments relative to the number of tokens they hold. And to improve matters even further, holders can invest, in case the token price grows, exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, or sell or buy them directly via compatible crypto wallets—meaning their utility is vast.

Additionally, potential investors should note that, to avoid risk, if the soft cap is not reached, EHF will reimburse investors for all invested ETH (except for gas).

The EHF Team

The hardworking team behind this revolutionary new medical platform is comprised of experts in the fields of medicine, IT, blockchain, and more.

Nickolay Kryuchkov — CEO, medical doctor, and Ph.D.— boasts 11 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and 20 in biomedical research—no small feat!

Aubrey De Grey, advisor in biomedical gerontology, is a visionary in a field of aging process combating. His tremendous experience and involvement are going to ensure that our clients get the best possible treatment in every sense of the word.

Eray Ozkural, director of artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-performance computing, is an expert AI-developer, with an expansive mind towards innovative technologies in machine learning. His expertise in the field is a leading factor in our technological advance.

Arnold Mitnitsky, advisor for the mathematical modeling of biomedical systems, possesses vast knowledge in the biology of the aging process and advanced data analysis in addition to mathematics. His expertise promises a top-notch execution of the EHF platform.

Keith Comito, senior expert in software development, is an all-round specialist in mathematics, computer programming and biotechnology. His neverending enthusiasm and genuine interest in promoting and researching longevity are nothing short of extraordinary.

Artem Malkov, advisor in strategic planning and entrepreneurship, acquired vast knowledge of machine learning throughout his long and fruitful career. Being a scientist and an entrepreneur, he pushes advanced innovations in the sphere forward in full spectrum, which is exactly what we need to succeed.

Denis Rysev, C.T.O., is an IT professional, futurist and blockchain enthusiast. He has been in the cryptocurrency-oriented business for as long as it existed, forging successful ICOs and helping various projects with his financial ingenuity. There is no better person than Denis to help us achieve our goals in the crypto world.

Also important on the EHF team are director Daria Khaltourina, an expert in public health and longevity, and Nick Guldemond, a master of various health fields, including clinical epidemiology, clinical diagnostics, and longevity.

Though the expertise of these people is already vast, they are simply a few of the 25 skilled team members working to make eHealth First a reality. Clearly, the EHF is nothing less than superb.

ICO features

The EHF token is an ERC-20 standard-based Ethereum token.

Soft cap: 8,000 ETH or $2,000,000 USD (whichever is smaller)


Start: April 2018

Allocation: 1,500,000

Price at launch: 1 EHF = 0.006 USD

Bonus: 40%


Start: July–September 2018

Round 1 Price at launch: 1 EHF = 0.01 USD

Rounds 2–3 Prices: Will not be lower than the price by the end of Round 1


Website: http://www.ehfirst.io/

White Papers in 12 languages: https://ehfirst.io/#wp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ehfirst/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eh_first

Telegram: https://t.me/ehfirstgroup

YouTube (new videos uploaded daily): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOXlcfFnSTVRlkqy8kojWA

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