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Ledger Wallet Users Continue to See Bitcoin Cash Blackout

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Ledger Wallet users were unable to access Bitcoin Cash in the past day due to a parser break with the new version of Bitcoin-ABC, the Bitcoin Cash node. The company reported on its website it has fixed the problem, and that all systems are currently operational.

The company updated users on its website and on Reddit and Twitter over the past day as it worked to fix the problem.

Ledger Wallets: Funds are Secure

Prior to fixing the problem, Ledger Wallet yesterday advised users that their funds were secure and they could receive transactions. Customers were advised that they could use Electron Cash to access funds in case of an emergency.

Resyncing the nodes took more time than originally expected, the company noted, as monitored the situation.

Ledger Wallet copied all blockchain data from one explorer to another. The explorers then had to resync with the BCH blockchain since April 6 at 00:00.

“Once we’re sure that everything is running smoothly, we’ll apply our patches to Ledger blockchain explorer and the BCH daemon before we sync the rest of our infrastructure,” a notice said on the company website.

Ledger Wallet also posted updates on Twitter and Reddit.

At 11:36 a.m. UTC, all BCH servers were up to date and the situation was considered to be resolved, the company noted.

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Users Complain

Ledger Wallet users complained on Reddit that the situation was not resolved 20 hours after the break occurred. Customers were unable to access their wallets and no transactions were visible.

Some customers feared they had sent funds to the wrong wallet.

“It’s disappointing to see such an issue taking so long to resolve, I would’ve hoped for more professionalism from Ledger, but it seems like they treat Bitcoin Cash as a minority token with a very low priority,” one user commented yesterday on Reddit.

Another user noted that after 109 confirmations of a BCH transaction the transaction still had not appeared on the ledger. Another commented that a better-placed status page by Ledger Wallet would have saved them from having to go to Reddit to find out what was happening. Several customers expressed appreciation for the fix on Twitter.

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