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Smart Valley Decentralized Project Scoring Platform: Token Buyers Can Submit Requests Starting April 11

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It is hard for project token buyers to evaluate an ICO and distinguish between a great idea and a scam; it is even harder for founders to develop a quality ICO and launch it legally. The Smart Valley solution is a system of decentralized expert scoring. The company, which is preparing for the first fully compliant Swiss-based ICO, will start accepting prior requests for tokens on April 11.

Smart Valley is a powerful system for ICO project assessment and development – with a combination of unique scoring tool, expert knowledge, and crowd wisdom. A community of top-class experts from across the globe will offer their services to founders, helping to launch ICOs that are legal and secure. What’s more, potential project token buyers will be there, too – ready to support the best ideas. Smart Valley is a dynamic ecosystem that can give rise to new unicorns – visionary companies worth billions that will revolutionize the business. What’s more, Smart Valley ICO is the first Swiss-based company to launch an ICO in full compliance with the Swiss law, thus guaranteeing maximum protection to its token buyers. Waiting list applications will be collected over the course of one months, after which the main stage of the ICO will begin on May 14. All token buyers will be asked to complete a KYC procedure.

Smart Valley scoring mechanism

At the heart of Smart Valley is a unique scoring system: projects are scored on multiple criteria by experts in a number of fields, from marketing to law. A good project score will act as a hallmark of quality, instantly attracting token buyers’ attention. Smart Valley will also provide our expert scoring services to projects to its partners, which include the leading Russian business accelerator Phiztechpark and the popular platform KICKICO. Finally, thanks to a key partnership with the fintech community NexChange, safe, high-potential ICO projects will become available to Asian – token buyers. A demo version of the scoring tool is already available on the official website.

Key features

    • Projects are evaluated using a unique automated solution: experts and community members vote on the project, resulting in a decentralized, reliable, multidimensional assessment;
    • The assessment is made against a set of criteria, including financial potential, blockchain functionality, legal aspects, founders’ background, etc.
    • Expert evaluation eliminates the risk of scams;
    • Highest-rated projects are published on the platform and are made available to token buyers;
    • Founders can hire community experts to perform the full cycle of pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO activities, including marketing, legalization, smart contract development, etc.
    • token buyers choose the best projects, purchase tokens, and follow how their money is spent;
    • Use of blockchain and smart contracts ensure transparency and security of payments;
    • Efficient arbitration systems ensures fast conflict resolution;
    • ONLY on Smart Valley: for the first time, a non-invasive neural-control interface (NCI) will be used to evaluate projects and experts: this unique testing method provides allows to analyze competences of project team members and experts with a 95% accuracy rate. This recently patented NCI is made available by the developers exclusively for Smart Valley. The technology will eliminate the risk of scam and fraud and help make Smart Valley scoring services even more scalable;
    • Maximum protection of ICO token buyers’ interests thanks to strict compliance with the federal laws of Switzerland and the cantonal laws of Zug (where Smart Valley is incorporated), including inter alia Federal Act on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Anti-Money Laundering Act, AMLA) of October 10, 1997, as amended, Ordinance of the FINMA on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism of 8 December 2010, FINMA Guidance 04/2017, FINMA Guidelines dated February 16, 2018 and Regulations of the Self-Regulatory Organization VQF Financial Services Standards Association dated September 28, 2015.

Smart Valley is not just for projects, however: it is designed to provide benefits to all groups of market players. The platform will help project founders find all the professionals they require to build a dream team – specialists in front end development, finance, PR, SMM, law, and much more. To experts in various fields, Smart Valley can offer a global outreach and unprecedented job opportunities, secure payments guaranteed by a smart contract, a chance to work on projects that will transform the business, and participation in a vibrant community of top professionals. The platform is already accepting expert applications.

Smart Valley is happy to announce that beginning on April 11 ICO token buyers can send in their preliminary requests for tokens on the official website at https://smartvalley.io/ in order to be included on the waiting list. The main round of the token sale is due to begin on May 14. The company is determined to ensure that the interests of all the participants are duly protected and has taken all the necessary steps to guarantee that its token sale is conducted in full adherence with the Swiss regulations. Smart Valley is based in Zug, Switzerland.

More information about the project is available at https://smartvalley.io/ and in the official Telegram channel https://t.me/SmartValleyChatEnglish .

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