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Timepiece Master Chronoswiss to Release Cryptocurrency Inspired Limited Edition Wrist Watches


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The Swiss are famous for two things: Money handling and watches. People all around the world trust the little European country to keep their investments safe and them on time. When it comes to watches, the term “Swiss-made” is not just about the origin of the time keeping devices, but a seal that guarantees quality and skill that goes into making each piece.

Marrying Currency with Watches

Renowned watchmaker Chronoswiss has a history of only 30 years when it was started by Gerd Rüdiger Lang back in 1988. However, Mr. Lang had been in the mechanical watch making business since 1958, when he started as an apprentice at a watch shop. In its short history, Chronoswiss has made a name as a high quality wrist watch manufacturer. The watchmaker was founded during the famous quartz crisis, when the technological advanced quartz timekeeping watches started replacing the mechanical ones as more reliable, causing massive damage to the Swiss watch industry. Chronoswiss remained faithful to the traditional mechanical time keeping methods and its quality of workmanship enabled it to power through the crisis.

The company only makes around 7000 watches a year with each piece hand finished. The company has always been at the forefront of making watches with designs that no other watchmaker had done. It was only a matter of time (no pun intended) that this Swiss watch maker would merge the looks of modern currency into its products.

Chronoswiss has partnered with Tech Bureau Europe, the European arm of Tech Bureau, a Japanese cryptocurrency financial services platform, to develop limited edition mechanical watches of 5 different crypto inspired services. These exclusive watches will only be available in 101 pieces each crypto (Bitcoin, NEM, Ethereum, Zaif and COMSA). Each type represents different aspects of the cryptocurrency field.

Special Characteristics of Crypto Watches

Steeped deep in the intricate Swiss designs and mechanical movements, the watches have the following properties:

  • Hand manufactured in Atelier Lucerne.
  • Off centre hours and seconds display, a feat in mechanical watches.
  • Based on the Open Gear design, there is a crypto logo above the exposed movements of the second hand.
  • Sapphire back case with gold plated crypto logo rotor, giving unrestricted view into the watch’s mechanical movements.
  • Scratch resistant sold stainless steel case with hardened carbon coating.
  • In house regulator complication mounted on 3D dial.
  • Cryptocurrency mosaic printed on dial.
  • Limited number printed on dial (each cryptocurrency will have only 101 pieces made).

Exclusive Dealer for Exclusive Watches

The limited edition cryptocurrency inspired watches will only be available for sale through the Zaif exchange. The watches will be sold only to registered Zaif users. During its sale from 13th to 17th April, the watches will be auctioned off, with the highest bidders getting these.

For more information on the cryptocurrency inspired watches, visit their website: https://bitcoin.chronoswiss.com/

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