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Master Watch Crafters Chronoswiss Release Limited Edition Cryptocurrency Watches


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Legendary Swiss craft-makers Chronoswiss have announced their latest range of luxury timepieces, inspired by the revolutionary and modern concepts of cryptocurrency. Partnering with Tech Bureau Europe, the family-operated Chronoswiss promises a sophisticated yet elegant marriage of Japanese technology and timeless Swiss design.

In total, five luxurious crypto watch design series has been introduced, each with only 101 pieces produced in a limited edition manufacture and only available through the Zaif cryptocurrency exchange.

The five ranges will take on conceived aspects of their individual cryptocurrency which include Bitcoin as the currency, NEM as the harvest, Ethereum as the contract, Zaif as the exchange and COMSA as the token.

Inspired by crypto, steeped in tradition

The crypto range is based on its latest Flying Regulator Open Gear and the unusual Chronoswiss design. A design which features a dial, that doubles as a module board, onto which the train wheel bridges of skeletonized gears are mounted.

The crypto watches are distinguished by several features including a regulator movement with off-center hour and second displays, a central design element of their regulator mechanism, a technically integrated 3-D dial bearing a custom-made logo to reflect each crypto edition, an elaborately skeletonized second display and in the dial logo print.

Each watch is painstakingly hand-crafted in the Atelier Lucerne and will also bear a hand-painted individual serial number to specify its limited production. On the back is a skeletonized, red gold-plated rotor with a crypto logo visible through a sapphire glass back. All this encased within solid stainless steel with ultra hard, scratch-resistant, diamond-like carbon coating (5.000 Vickers).

With modern flourishes designed to please the most demanding of aesthetics, these new Chronoswiss watches do not depart from a long-standing reputation of the highest-quality material and workmanship, with authentic touches and meticulous finishing accompanying each piece.

Already recognized for their quality and value, the Chronoswiss crypto watches will appeal to watch lovers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In addition, their limited production numbers enhance their values as collectibles, appealing even more to avid collectors of luxury items.

Chronoswiss CEO Oliver Ebstein spoke of how necessity is the mother of invention, referring to how the company was founded during the quartz crisis of the 1970s and 1980s. While the crisis led to a decline in Swiss watchmaking, Chronoswiss defiantly developed purely mechanical watches, insisting on retaining tradition connected to vision, a belief that stands today.

Oliver believes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are a dazzling aspect of the company’s future. With its homage to cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss aims to link the roots of traditional watchmaking with the digital revolution of new world currencies.

The limited edition Chronoswiss crypto watches can only be bought on auction via the Zaif cryptocurrency exchange, which will take place between April 13th to 27th, 2018.

Watches will be listed in the same way as tokens, with customers placing bids as buy orders. For every model, the 101 highest buy orders will be filled, thus giving the respective bidders legal ownership of the watches.

To learn more, visit the Chronoswiss website and register as a user on Zaif exchange.

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