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Strong Demand on OTC Market in 2018. Is OTCBTC a Localbitcoins Killer?

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Cryptocurrencies have performed exceptionally well in 2017 and are continuing to attract new investors in 2018. As regulators have become increasingly attentive to the cryptocurrency markets, restrictions have been placed on deposit-taking banks. “I want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but the issue in Bulgaria is the fiat withdrawals and deposits from bank accounts. Recently, banks blocked all transactions connected with cryptocurrency trading.” said one trader from Bulgaria.

While many people find they have difficulties funding their account with fiat currency to a fiat-crypto exchange due to the restrictions on banks, some of them have already been using a more comfortable and faster way to trade – the OTC Market. Recently, trading firms are adopting Skype to negotiate, buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. This is convenient for people who want trade large blocks, but it is not practical for an average person who wants to buy a small amount of cryptocurrencies. Besides, trust is an issue for skype settlements.

However, an OTC exchange makes it secure and fast for a normal trader or a crypto beginner. It builds the trust in a trustless environment. You can think of an OTC exchange as an “eBay for Crypto”, where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies to and from others using fiat currencies. OTC cryptocurrency trading has been going on for years. For example, LocalBitcoins is the most well-known peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. Users create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. They can also search for advertisements and prefered payment methods.

OTCBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange platform developed with Rails. Founded in October 2017, it has grown rapidly since its launch and has reached hundreds of millions of dollars in trading volume, and pageviews, within two short months. This platform has its own token called OTB, which can be used to pay the fees on the OTCBTC platform. The deduction is automatically applied according to the current market price through the system. In Janauray 2018, the team launched crypto exchange. Users are able to trade various altcoins on the platform with BTC, ETH and USDT pairs. As OTCBTC continues to gain support from the community, it is becoming the leading OTC exchange in Asia.

What Makes OTCBTC Different than Localbitcoins?





BTC/ETH/BCH/USDT/LTC/EOS/ZCASH/QTUM and other cryptocurrencies.

67 different currencies in total


Free for buying & selling

1% for posting an ad with completed trading

Free for buying & selling

0.3% for ETH

0.5% for others

Other Discount / Membership


Mil member 0.1%

Mi2 member 0.2%

OTB discount. A 50% discount if paying fees in OTB

Token Release Time

Minimum 15 mins

Minimum 5 seconds



Android and iOS apps

Customer Service

Email Only

Online Customer Support. Reply in 5 mins

Crypto Exchange



The Bottom line

So, we can see that as the demand in the OTC Market increases, both exchanges could gain large trading volumes. They both provide a secure and fast way for fiat-crypto trading to investors across the word. Though Localbitcoins is currently the most well-known marketplace with various fiat currency support. The lack of improvement and certain limitations, as mentioned in the table, gives OTCBTC an edge over Localbitcoins in the near future.

To know more about the OTCBTC exchange and explore its features, please visit https://otcbtc.com/

Find OTCBTC on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/otcbtc

Telegram: https://t.me/otcbtc_en

Blog: https://medium.com/otcbtc

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