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Brave Announces More BAT Grants for Users and Content Creators

Brave is quickly becoming a popular project among internet users. The new browser experience has seen a growing interest over the past few months. It now seems the parent company will distribute a million dollar referral program to content creators. With up to $3m in BAT tokens allocated, the future certainly quite interesting.

The Brave browser provides users with a completely different browsing experience Being able to not view ads or replace ads with whitelisted ones, users are in full control at all times. The parent company wants to take things one step further in the coming months and years. As such, they have set up a referral program to attract content creators and online publishers. Doing so will not be easy, even with financial incentives.

More BAT Grants For Brave Users

Even so, the company will allocate $1m worth of BAT tokens for this referral program. A total of maximum $3m in tokens will be reserved, yet released throughout different stages. Brave will transfer the accrued BAT to publishers and creators on a monthly recurring basis. It is a smart way of ensuring more people pay attention to this particular project

Last month, Brave brought its BAT token rewards to YouTube creators. Once users embrace the Brave browser, they can directly tip content creators on YouTube with BAT. That functionality was expanded upon in March by enabling the same concept for the Twitch.tv platform. Any site owner partaking in this referral program will have their Brave Payments balance updated as of today.

It is still possible to join the program as of right now, as rewards are still available. Everyone who joins through the referral link will earn the affiliate around $5 worth of BAT tokens. Users will also be eligible for more BAT grants to support their favorite creators. It is evident the company is doing a lot of things right. Even so, the browser won’t compete with the likes of Chrome or Firefox anytime soon.

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