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Evareium, a digital real estate investments asset, has launched its ICO sale

Dubai, April 13, 2018: Evareium, a digitized investment ecosystem, will disrupt the trillion-dollar realty asset class. Backed by several private founder investors during the initial fundraising rounds, Evareium has reached baseline critical mass on their ICO of a global real estate token model with excepted exponential growth throughout the world. Kick-starting from Dubai, they aim to further expand to global markets. This feature lists all the highlights about Evareium’s ICO sale.

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An investor’s guide to Evareium and its ICO sale

Making the most of the raised funds

The purpose of this ICO sale is to raise funds for acquiring high-yield real estate assets and executing multiple business-refocusing strategies.

At press time, the sale is live so the investors can buy the Evareium investment token or EVM anytime; the security token, EVM, is priced at USD 1. In total, there are 150,000,000 EVMs, and the sale will be completed in three phases with a soft cap of USD 90,000,000 and no predefined hard cap.

From the sale of these asset-backed equity tokens, the team aims to build a strong portfolio of different Smart Buildings. This strategy’s vision is to get real estate keeping in mind disciplined private equity principles. Once the portfolio is ready, the investors will begin accruing profits from the acquired properties. That way, the token-holders will improve their capital value growth with the portfolio’s uplifted value, with the earned rental yields, and with the gains received from the eventual disposal.

Apart from acquiring real estate assets, the raised funds will help the project’s team execute multiple business-refocusing strategies. These strategies are related to operational improvements, building remediation, energy savings, blockchain management, and business repositioning.

Patterned with excellence

Evareium.io uses an innovative, compelling innovative ecosystem model that successfully moves the interplay between stakeholders and real estate elements into a new digitized, decentralized world. The transition from the real world to the digital one is smooth because it is done by high-level partners including real estate and crypto-asset entrepreneur, Phillip Nunn; Alex Norta of Cedex and QTUM fame; and Paul Moynan from the celebrated Dragon Coin’s ICO.

Talking of excellence, the team backing this project is exceptional. The project’s core management team includes four members; one of them is the founder and CEO, Stefan Hickmott. Apart from the management team and blockchain experts, the project enjoys the support of the advisors having rich experience and deep expertise in successfully launching several ICOs.

For more details in this regard, the investors can go through a detailed white paper; over there, the investors will find in-depth coverage on every individual who is associated with the project. All these points highlight Evareium’s reliability and its potential to succeed in the future.

EVTs are the utility tokens that power the ecosystem

As it is mentioned, EVM is an asset-backed security token. However, there is one other token that will be Evareium blockchain’s prime utility asset—this token is known as EVT. The token will only be given as a proper bonus credit to subscribers. The chances of EVT owners getting benefited will completely depend on the utility token’s use; this use is expected to drive this digital asset’s intrinsic value.

Through blockchain, the Smart Buildings portfolio is given an unmatched transactional functionality across the portfolio. Essentially, EVT is the utility token that will be needed to extract the value from rents and other ancillary transactions flowing across this digital ecosystem. Also, the project’s management expects this utility token to have multiple applications that go much beyond the Evareium portfolio. The team behind the ecosystem is in talks with a number of facilities management companies and third-party real estate owners for incorporating and incubating EVTs across the entire Evareium ecosystem.

All the early EVM investors have already experienced the benefits of EVT bonus credit. These benefits, by and large, include co-investment opportunities and price discounts; plus, these early investors will receive all the notifications about different Evareium token strategies taking place in the future. Noting EVT utility token’s immense potential, Hickmott said, “Our ultimate playbook for EVT is the global real estate, travel, retail, and tourism industry — a US$ 10 trillion+ annual economic contributor globally, representing the largest industry sector in the world.”

So, all these factors definitely make this ICO worthy of an investor’s consideration. If there is any investor who wants to be part of the journey to digitizing the pipeline having real estate assets, then join Evareium’s crowdsale right away.

About Evareium: Evareium is an end-to-end ecosystem that is responsible for tokenizing the entire commercial real estate sector. The ecosystem is not just reimagining the transaction part of real estate assets; instead, it is revolutionizing different functional components of real estate operations. In short, for Evareium, the word “real estate” includes hotels, apartments, resorts, commercial units, retail outlets, restaurants, travel and tours, and education. That gives any investor a brief insight into the wide scope of the project.

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