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miBoodle: The Solution To Increasing Engagement And Understanding of Crypto

There is no doubt that there is a growing interest in cryptocurrency around the world. According to a new survey from Finder.com, nearly 16.3 million Americans, 8% of the country now own some form of cryptocurrency. This represents a marked increase from the results of a previous study by the Pew Research Center in 2016 which found that approximately half of Americans had heard of Bitcoin, but just 1% had used, traded or collected it.

The Finder.com asked the remaining 92% of Americans why they hadn’t engaged with cryptocurrency in any way and found that amongst the respondents:

  • 40% said; “there is no need or they are disinterested.”
  • 35% said: “it’s too high risk.”
  • 27% said: “it’s too complicated to understand,”
  • 18% said: “it’s a scam,”
  • 17% said: “it’s a bubble.”
  • 11% said: “it’s too difficult to use.”
  • 6% said: “there are too many fees.”

Men are almost three times as likely than women to own cryptocurrency, with 12% of men owning some compared to just 4% of women.

How miBoodle is helping more people understand and engage with crypto and the blockchain

Despite there being an increase of people engaging with crypto, it’s clear that we are very far from crypto “going mainstream”. This is where miBoodle comes in. A brand new membership platform that enables all consumers to earn a monthly income from utilizing their social media channels, it’s also a segue for those sectors of society who are not engaging en masse with digital currencies and the blockchain.

  • Anyone can get involved with miBoodle: Because miBoodle only requires a social media account, anyone over the age of 18 can get involved regardless of class, gender or background.
  • There’s no investment required: miBoodle tokens and/or cash can be earned by using social media. The more content that is shared and read on their social media channels, the more that person earns tokens or cash.
  • miBoodle can be risk-free: Because miBoodle lets users get paid by Paypal, there’s no risk involved with miBoodle as there can be with cryptocurrencies. It’s a gentle introduction to how crypto and the blockchain works
  • It’s simple and straightforward: Connect your social media channels, share engaging and interesting content. The more this is read or shared, the more you get paid. Choose to be paid by Paypal or by miBoodle tokens. The latter enables you to climb the miBoodle tiers to increase the rate at which you can earn.
  • miBoodle is backed by leading tech experts: The miBoodle team is made up of some of the world’s leading authorities on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • There are no fees: When earning with miBoodle, everything you earn goes directly to you, which you can choose to be paid by Paypal or in miBoodle tokens.

If you want to learn more about crypto and earn money at the same time from simply using your social media channels, why not get involved today?

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