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Peer-To-Peer Marketplace Leverages the Power of Ubiquity to Connect People


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At some point in the future, traveling will no longer be limited by geographical boundaries, budgets or time. Better described as telepresence, the ability to virtually be anywhere at any time and from any place will, at some point, go mainstream. Telepresence may seem like a term taken from a sci-fi movie. However, advanced technology like virtual reality (VR) and holograms have already proven their abilities to transform a virtual experience into a real-life experience.

UbiatarPlay is a Blockchain-based project that leverages the patented Ubiatar technology to reap the benefits of ubiquity with mobile technology. The platform aims to become a marketplace where people use smartphone devices to interact with other people and get real-time access to different activities. UbiatarPlay addresses the ultimate dream: to travel through time and experience life to the fullest without leaving the house.

A closer look at the UbiatarPlay platform

UbiatarPlay uses avatars (local people) and Usars (person at home) to streamline interaction on the marketplace, much like Google Play provides apps to customers worldwide. To ensure transparency, at the core of the platform lies the Ubiatar network: a peer-to-peer autoscaling, cloud-based, cutting edge system based on Amazon Web Services data centers. Reliable and always live, the system coordinates interaction and monitors user interaction, guaranteeing high-quality video and audio streaming.

On UbiatarPlay, sessions begin when Avatars and Usars agree to meet. For example, an Avatar in Paris can be paired with a Usar in Tokyo who wants to see the Louvre. The Avatar uses a smartphone to provide the live experience by streaming everything the Usar wants according to directions provided through a pioneering graphical user interface (GUI) overlapping the live video stream.

One of the main objectives of UbiatarPlay is to boost tele-tourism awareness while also providing job opportunities to people worldwide. By becoming an Avatar, individuals can act as tour guides for Usars and earn Ubiatar coins (UAC). Furthermore, Usars can turn to Avatars for an array of additional services, such as buying foreign cars or any other assets that are out of reach.

The reason why Ubiatar jumped on the Blockchain bandwagon, developing UbiatarPlay, was to streamline transactions, cut costs, and ensure full transparency, as well as provide work opportunities to people around the world who can become Avatars and earn extra income in UAC tokens.

The pioneering technology behind the UbiatarPlay project

The UbiatarPlay product is already live and working. The app is available on both iOS and Android, where it already has 1,000+ users. Recently, the team released the platform’s most interesting feature, namely the bi-dimensional video sharing feature, capable of displaying every single detail captured on camera.

An upcoming feature currently under development is the Avatar eye-camera, which permits Avatars to stream high-quality videos in a 360-degree panoramic view worldwide. Blockchain technology is used to guarantee that transactions between Avatars and Usars have the lowest possible costs.

To boost awareness, UbiatarPlay has an airdrop in place where people can get free UAC tokens if they download the app, sign up to become an Avatar or Usar, and join the platform’s Telegram channel. The airdrop is only available to users of multicurrency wallet Eidoo. Following the successful completion of the ICO, users will be asked to provide their Eidoo wallet address to receive their UbiatarPlay tokens.

As far as the ICO is concerned, the UbiatarPlay project will launch on May 9, 2018 (1 UAC= $2). With a hard cap of $30 mln, the team has already raised over $6,800 ETH. Upon successful completion of the ICO, UbiatarPlay will continue to develop and perfect the platform, as well as provide Wallets and Ubiatar cards to users in Q3 of 2018.

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