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ORI Token Distribution Guide

Bitcoin Origin (ORI) is world’s first multi-fork cryptocurrency that will not only merge the five major cryptocurrencies into one multichain blockchain but will also be one of the most energy-efficient and ground-breaking cryptocurrencies around. With a support of an incredible 15,000 transactions per second, Bitcoin Origin, laid on the Proof-of-Ambassador algorithm, will make use of innovative blockchain protocols to let users on its blockchain platform create and implement their own serverless blockchains.

A one of a kind, self-funded blockchain protocol, the founding members of the project truly believes in the project and as such, there no ICO (Initial Coin Offering) planned for the project. The reason being planned ICO’s can hamper the organic growth of a cryptocurrency and the spot prices of the asset are largely controlled by cryptocurrency whales and large organizations that can make an impact with their massive holdings within the partner exchanges. The Bitcoin Origin Foundation believes in establishing a fundamental pricing support by limiting the available supply of ORI tokens and creating additional demand for the digital asset before distributing additional liquidity that not only helps support the token value, but also creates an awareness about the new-entrant and allows time for the digital asset to mature in the market over a period of time.

ORI Token Distribution Guide:

Token Economics:

To create a sustainable environment for the digital asset, the economic model of ORI will consist of two key components:

  • Initial Token Release Strategy
  • Supply Control Strategy

Token Allocation:

Initial Token Release Strategy:

The founders of Bitcoin Origin will release the initial tokens in small daily tranches, in a structured manner that is spread over a period of 2 years after it’s release. To claim Bitcoin Origin tokens, holders of the five major cryptocurrencies i.e. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash will be required to whitelist using our claiming tool. In the early tranches, only the small coin holders will be allowed and have an option to claim ORI tokens that will create marginal liquidity on the exchanges and will grow sustainably. Additional demand for the tokens will be created using the ambassador program, profitability of our early supporters program, community building programs, a broad range of marketing efforts and other endorsements. This will help in supporting the economic model as a thin layer of liquidity over large exchanges will drive the demand for the tokens that will impact positively on the prices of the digital asset. Large organizations are prevented from creating massive dumps in the initial stages, the Bitcoin Origin Foundation will hold the majority of tokens and will trade conservatively only to create liquidity while protecting the ORI community from any major volatility or abuse.

A maximum of 0.137% of the holdings will be distributed in the exchanges per day, a steady roll-out process which will be spread over a period of 2 years or 730 days at the end of which, we believe the market will be fully matured and will be driven by the fundamental factors and the growth of the project. The total coin allocation for both forked tokens and the Foundation supply will be distributed daily on a pro-rata basis. Once the total coin distribution is complete, the validators of the token will continue to benefit from the rewards of the multistate chains and the transaction fees of the genesis chain.

The strategy laid by the founders of Bitcoin Origin is to enter the market as an ERC20 token and list on multiple major exchanges simultaneously which will be followed by multiple events that will help in the growth of asset prices. However, the foundation believes that there will be 4 major events that will form an integral part of the rollout strategy of the technology namely:

  • Testnet Launch
  • Mainnet Launch
  • Code Release
  • Strategic Partnerships

These events while having a major impact on the prices of the digital currency and once listed on the exchanges, the token will be able to fully capitalize on the positive news flow that should ideally create positive impact and drive up the value of ORI over a period of time.

Supply Control Strategy

With the Bitcoin Origin Ambassador Program, an Ambassador’s rewards system will be implemented that will allow a user on the platform to lockup their coins while benefiting from the opportunity. Only the users meeting the minimum requirements will be eligible for the program and as per the Token Allocation system, a total of 11 billion Bitcoin Origin coins will be the reward to the eligible ambassadors and stakers – allocated daily on pro-rata basis. This will create an opportunity for the Stackers to increase their Bitcoin Origin holdings without the huge setup costs and massive power bills associated with other PoW mining activities. The daily distribution remains constant and this strategy allows the founders to reward the community and early adopters with sizeable returns while supporting organic growth for the prices of coin to appreciate in value.

Ability to Purchase the Coin

With partnership agreement happening with some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, individuals willing to join the community will be able to purchase Bitcoin Origin tokens from such exchanges once listed along with the ability to purchase such tokens on our own platform as well.

However, the liquidation of such tokens can and will only be supported at our exchange partner.

To learn more about the project, visit https://www.bitcoinorigin.io/

To read the Bitcoin Origin Position Paper, visit https://www.bitcoinorigin.io/pdf/BitcoinOrigin-PositionPaper.pdf

Join the Bitcoin Origin Telegram group here: https://t.me/BitcoinOriginHQ

Media Contact

Name: Magdél Steyn

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.bitcoinorigin.io/

Cell no.: +27 74 102 4851

TG group link: https://t.me/BitcoinOriginHQ

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