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FREE COURSE GIVEAWAY: Certified NEM Blockchain Developer and Cache Token

NullTX is offering our readers FREE access to premium blockchain elearning courses from Devslopes over the next few weeks. The Devslopes team currently runs a leading developer education platform with 300,000+ active students. Devslopes is producing high quality premium developer education focused primarily on blockchain. There is a massive shortage of blockchain developer training resources and the Devslopes is filling this void in the marketplace.

There are 7,913 job postings on LinkedIn for blockchain developers globally. And this number will grow massively over the next several years.

The time is now to learn cutting edge training from Devslopes’ world-class blockchain developers.

Here is some more info about this course:

Many consider NEM to be a sleeping giant. The high performance Blockchain has a unified vision and community behind it with a very developer friendly Blockchain platform. They provide a top notch platform to manage almost any kind of asset: cryptocurrencies, supply chains, notarizations, ownership records etc. From Dapps, to ICOs, to Fintech, NEM has it all. This program is a comprehensive training on the NEM blockchain. You’ll go from knowing absolutely nothing about NEM to becoming an advanced developer on the NEM blockchain.

What you will learn:

  • What is NEM?
  • NEM Architecture
  • Proof of importance
  • Harvesting (mining)
  • NEM use cases
  • NEM for app developers
  • Launching your own cryptocurrency
  • NEM for enterprise & fintech
  • Public & private NEM blockchains
  • Coding an ICO
  • Security on the NEM blockchain
  • Multisig accounts (smart contracts)
  • NEM tooling & testing
  • Building Dapps in any programming language
  • Architecting production ready products on NEM

Who is this for:

This training program is designed to take developers from beginner to advanced knowledge on developing for the NEM blockchain. If you are considering launching an ICO, creating a Dapp, or creating secure private blockchains for fintech or enterprise you should take this program.


To take this training program you will need to have competence in any programming language such as Javascript, Java, C#, Swift, Python, etc. You must own a Mac, PC with Windows 8+ or Linux. Beginner Blockchain & Architecture is a recommended pre-requisite.

Here are the redemption instructions:

  1. Go to this link: https://www.devslopes.com/blockchain/
  2. Click “Buy Now” on your course
  3. Enter the code: NEM_COURSE_06PBLF
  4. Create a Devslopes account and click “Submit”
  5. Scroll down the page
  6. Enter the redemption code below in the “Coupon Code (Optional)” field
  7. Agree to the “Terms of Use”
  8. Click “Buy Now”

Devslopes just launched their own token, Cache. Cache is a cryptocurrency that will empower developers to easily work with blockchain technology and create and manage digital assets with ease. The cryptocurrency, built upon the NEM blockchain, will power the Blockstart and Cacheout platforms.

Blockstart allows developers and businesses to deploy their own blockchain in minutes, create digital assets in one click, set up transaction management systems, and interface with their blockchain through easy-to-use SDKs for iOS, Android, and Unity. An analytics dashboard will allow users to view network status, transactions, fees collected, active users, active nodes, and more.

Developers and low-budget startups have a lot of the same issues that larger businesses might have in that choosing the right blockchain is very difficult, and then learning how to develop blockchain applications is quite complex. Developers and startups also need low-cost on demand blockchain services so they can figure out their monetization models as they grow their apps and companies. The Blockstart public blockchain is the perfect solution for these developers and startups. Developers will create domains to manage their projects. Domains are similar to web domains in that they are unique to the entire blockchain network. Developers can then create assets and cryptocurrencies within that domain. Developers pay fees to launch new domains, assets, and currencies. All fees are paid in Cache. As Developers onboard users into their apps, those users will make transactions with the developer’s assets and cryptocurrencies. All end-user transactions also have associated fees in Cache. Developers can elect to pay for their user’s fees for a seamless experience, or they can have the users pay Cache in association with the developer’s assets/currencies. Developers can also elect to use Cache as their primary token within their applications and for their users

Cacheout will be a currency-backed regulated economy where developers can ask and answer questions. Users will be able to post a question and a bounty using Cache tokens (CHE). The user along with the community chooses the best answer and the bounty is awarded automatically.

The token sale will last until August 31, with the goal of raising $10 million.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of NullTX. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

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