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New Big Cryptocurrency Already Here?

WestLand Storage is a company that has gathered around itself a lot of rumors, and over time they are becoming more like the truth. A company that promises to change the world of real estate forever and has already begun to do so.

The DiceLand technology they develop allows you to tokenize any property that will save the market from bureaucracy, fraud, intermediaries and other problems. The development team has not been named, but many sources and media report that they include both advanced blockchain technology engineers and eminent CEOs of other companies.

In favor of these fabrications is the fact that Facebook itself this year also plans to conduct its own ICO and release their tokens. Zuckerberg himself has not given any comments on DiceLand technology, which even warms up interest to it and adds impatience. The same “Mysteriousness” is used by ICO Telegram, which is also involved in large venture funds and industry leaders who do not advertise their actions.

And finally, this week the company presented a demonstration resource about the work of their technology. It is located on their website. Everyone can look at how the technology works. And the company’s customers can still make money on this.

To complete the development of the company requires the deployment of a sufficient volume of the market. This goal is achieved through the reception of investments from customers. Investing, the client begins to receive 1% of the profit every day from the amount of his investment.

Thus, the company proves that it is not just a start-up or an idea, but a working business model with real technology. Closing the ICO for WestLand Storage is a rhetorical question. Sources say that the token will be held in private form by Whitelist for venture funds, which have already entered into partnerships with the company, and customers who will have time to become real estate investors before the ICO.

Guest Author: Bruce Valentine - Blockchain expert 

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