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OTCBTC Launches EOS Project Tokens Listing Express Channel

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OTCBTC is the largest OTC (over-the-counter) exchange with a crypto exchange. It’s recognized as the first stop to beginners in the crypto world. OTCBTC is committed to building a world-class secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. The platform not only has an exclusive crypto trading engine but also improves the liquidity of the blockchain assets. In order to contribute to EOS ecological development, OTCBTC will make effort to support the EOS project token listing. We have more than 370 Kusers, including more than 170 K active real-name users. The highest number of page views reaches 2.5 million a day, which is far more active than others in the industry.

OTCBTC has been actively supporting the EOS ecosystem, OTCBTC is not only the first few exchanges that opened EOSDAC/EOS pair but are also the ones that opened EOS deposit and withdrawal earlier than others.

On June 29, 2018, OTCBTC completed EOSDAC mainnet token swap and resumed deposit and withdrawal services, we have received good evaluations from EOSDAC community.

On June 22, 2018, OTCBTC took the lead in completing the EOS mainnet token swap and opening the deposit and withdrawal services, becoming the first few exchanges to support EOS.

On May 9, 2018, OTCBTC launched the OTF (EOS) product, which allows investors to purchase cryptocurrency ETF that contains EOS with one click.

OTCBTC is now one of the most recognized exchanges for EOS enthusiasts and investors.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 projects that based on EOS blockchain have been launched, involving 14 fields. Many project parties couldn’t list their tokens on the exchange quickly. To help those projects increase the liquidity of their tokens and increase user activation, OTCBTC introduced EOS projects token listing express channel.

With this token listing express channel, project parties will get:

  1. Professional technical support form the OTCBTC team.
  2. OTCBTC community and social media marketing promotion.
  3. English and Chinese blockchain media press release.

OTCBTC is looking forward to working with the EOS projects to create a richer EOS ecosystem. EOS project parties can fill out the token listing application form, or contact them directly at [email protected] OTCBTC has a dedicated team to help the token listing process. Let us work together to create a more robust EOS ecosystem!

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