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6 Mobile Bitcoin Wallets You Don’t Want to Miss in 2018

A lot of new users have entered the cryptocurrency industry over the past 18 months. As a result, the search for proper mobile Bitcoin wallets has been ongoing for some time now. Several good wallets exist, and the companies making an impact in the past are maintaining their position without too many problems. The following wallets are listed in alphabetical order.

6. Blockchain

This wallet created by Blockchain.com – formerly Blockchain.info – has always been a go-to solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts on mobile devices. It is a wallet which not only supports Bitcoin, but also Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Blockchain has been used by over 15 million people worldwide and continues to increase its overall user base every quarter.

5. Bread

Users of the iOS ecosystem have flocked to Bread from day one. It was one of the first Bitcoin wallets to arrive on the iOS platform, and it is still one of the more popular Bitcoin wallets among Apple users. Bread only supports Bitcoin at this time, as the team has no plans to integrate additional cryptocurrencies.

4. Coinomi

When it comes to supporting a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, Coinomi knows no equal in the mobile ecosystem. It is a wallet solution capable of supporting the likes of Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Digibyte, and several dozen other tokens, assets, and currencies. Coinomi has always been a very popular solution among Android users, mainly because of the many different currencies it has supported.

3. Edge

Formerly known as Airbitz, the Edge wallet has shown the world how mobile wallet services can be offered without relying on centralized infrastructure. Edge currently supports a dozen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero. It has become apparent that multi-currency support is the way to go in the cryptocurrency world.

2. Electrum

Everyone who has used Bitcoin for more than a year will know about the Electrum wallet. It is not just a mobile client, as it also has a desktop version. This lightweight Bitcoin wallet lets users store their BTC balance in a convenient and secure manner without going through a lengthy blockchain synchronization process.

1. GreenAddress

One of the older Bitcoin wallets for mobile goes by the name of GreenAddress. It is designed for Bitcoin storage only, and it has built-in two-factor authentication to provide an additional layer of security to its users. From a convenience point of view, GreenAddress provides all of the functionality one would expect, without any extra bells and whistles.

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