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Samsung upgrades the S-Pen to function as a remote

Samsung’s new S-Pen isn’t just a multi-colored stylus anymore.

With the upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the S-Pen gets its own reboot, and now functions as remote control for Samsung’s latest offering.

With the inclusion of Bluetooth low energy inside the S-Pen, users can now untether themselves from the phone. With a click of the pen, folks can take pictures, advance slideshows or pause and play music.

The stylus includes a super capacitor to charge when its not being used in the slot. The company thinks the stylus should get 30 minutes of standby time with 40 seconds of charging.

Aesthetically, things are changing with the S-Pen now as well. There’re some new colors on offer with neon-yellow and purple styluses on offer, that write on off-screen memos in the color that matches their design.

Developers can also incorporate the BLE functionality into their apps later this year, the company said.

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