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What Is Bettergram?

Peer-to-peer communication can be performed in various ways. A lot of people prefer end-to-end encrypted apps such as Telegram. Bettergram claims it is a very different version of Telegram while maintaining the latter’s core components. It also has some interesting cryptocurrency-related functions to keep an eye on.

The Bettergram Project Is Live

There is nothing wrong with taking a project’s existing code and trying to improve upon it. The Telegram code was open sourced quite some time ago, but it is evident the platform is not perfect. Despite being used by hundreds of millions of users, adding new features has been a slow-going process.

As such, the Bettergram team feels they can do a much better job in this regard. Their product is advertised as an “improved version of Telegram Messenger”, and it’s currently available for both Windows and Macintosh users. No Linux support is available at this time, and there is no indication that a mobile client will be released anytime soon either.

Some of the new features introduced by Bettergram include the ability to pin more chats and filter by category, while still benefiting from Telegram’s privacy and security. The biggest addition this project brings to the table is the ability to access live cryptocurrency price information. Rather than using CoinMarketCap, the company takes price information from LiveCoinWatch. It’s an interesting development, although it should yield very similar results in the end.

By using Telegram’s API and open source code, the overall look and feel of this application is virtually the same as what one would expect. The new platform is compatible with existing Telegram users, as a separate account is not required. Giving users the option to use the same core ecosystem but with different features is always a worthwhile strategy.

Whether or not Bettergram will gain any real traction in the near future remains to be determined. It is evident there is still plenty of room for competition, even within the Telegram ecosystem itself. As long as the main branch of development lacks key features requested by users, developers will be free to contribute code to their own projects.

Bettergram’s built-in cryptocurrency support shows how popular this industry has become. Although not everyone wants to access such information from the Telegram environment, giving users the option is never a bad idea. How all of this will play out exactly remains to be seen. Some of these features might make it to the main Telegram development branch in the long run, although nothing has been confirmed at this stage.

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