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5 Altcoins Seeking Promotion to the Market Cap Top 15 in Late 2018

Several cryptocurrencies attempt to bank on big movement later throughout 2018. More specifically, there are a fair few projects which are on the verge of entering the top 15 ranked by market cap. Capitalizing on this momentum will be challenging, and the following coins – ranked by current market cap – may make their move in the coming months.

#5 Dogecoin

It has been a very surprising second half of 2018 for Dogecoin so far. A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts expected this coin to die off quite some time ago, yet it seems the interest in DOGE is higher than it was ever before. That in itself is an interesting example of how the cryptocurrency industry is still evolving and maturing. Dogecoin also remains one of the easiest accessible cryptocurrencies, as it can be mined with regular computer hardware relatively easily.

Dogecoin is seemingly in a better position to surpass the threshold to enter the top 15 market cap list. Based on the sentiment over the past few days and weeks, it is not unlikely Dogecoin might hit a cap of $1bn in the near future. It would need an additional $200m on top of that to enter the top 15.

#4 VeChain

With all of the partnerships VeChain is forming as of late, the project’s total valuation is bound to go up in the coming months and years. Although the project is still in the rather early stages of development, there is genuine excitement regarding the future of VET. Its current market cap of $756m seems poised for growth, and a jump to $1bn is not out of the question. It will not be sufficient to enter the top 15 yet – that requires a $400m increase – but it’s a big step in the right direction.

#3 Tezos

Ever since Tezos was released to the public, investors have been looking for ways to capitalize on the token in many different ways. Now that the project is finally coming together in a meaningful way, the market cap of Tezos is also heading toward the $1bn mark. At the time of writing, the project is valued at $766m, as each individual token is worth $1.29. To reach the top 15, Tezos’ market cap will need to increase by $385m, assuming the rest of the currencies do not go up in value accordingly.

#2 NEM

Even though NEM used to be in the top 15 earlier this year, the Coincheck hack has shaken things up quite a bit. The currency is still around and gaining traction, as its market cap holds its own at $800m with relative ease. The jump to the top 15 is not out of the question, although finding an extra $350m in valuation will not be easy under the current conditions.

#1 Binance Coin

The ongoing success of the Binance exchange cannot be denied. Although not everyone sees merit in this token right away, it gives a lot of value to Binance users all over the world. The interest in this exchange is getting more people acquainted with BNB, resulting in a current market cap of $920m. To enter the top 15, Binance Coin needs a $250m increase – at the bare minimum – to inch ahead of Ethereum Classic.

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