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Early-bird sale ends this Friday for TC Sessions: AR/VR in Los Angeles

After Friday, September 21, ticket prices for TC Sessions: AR/VR will jump $100 for the October 18 event hosted at UCLA.

Buy your early-bird $99 tickets today before these savings fly the coop! Students get tickets for just $45.

The event’s stage will feature some of the industry’s most groundbreaking companies and thought leaders.

Here are some agenda highlights:

Kickstarting an Industry
Yelena Rachitsky [Oculus]
Oculus has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into funding VR content. Facebook’s VR future rests on people finding new worlds that they want to step into — how will Oculus make this happen?

Building Inclusive Worlds
Cyan Banister [Founders Fund] (other speakers to be announced soon)
If you had the chance to redesign society, where would you even start? As game developers continue designing massive online virtual worlds where we will spend more and more time, how should we look to correct issues we encounter and how can we build a better future?

The Social Experiment
Adam Arrigo [TheWaveVR], Sophia Dominguez [SVRF] and Gil Baron [Mindshow]
If anything, the Oculus VR acquisition in 2014 signaled that Facebook saw VR as a social final frontier. No one really knows what exactly those interactions look like though, but there’s an awful lot that’s already been explored.

Reality Checks
Niko Bonatsos [General Catalyst], Catherine Ulrich [FirstMark Capital] and Jacob Mullins [Shasta Ventures]
“[VR] is the frothiest space in the Valley right now. Nobody understands it, but everyone wants in. Any idiot could walk into a f***ing room, utter the letters ‘V’ and ‘R’, and VCs would hurl bricks of cash at them.” – Erlich Bachman. While this may have indeed been the case a couple of years ago, investor cash has been a bit sparser in 2018. Where are the opportunities now?

Click here to see the full agenda to see who’s going to be onstage and what awesome demos you’ll get to watch.

The early-bird sale offers the biggest savings for this event. Scoop up your tickets here before they are all gone.

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