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MetaMorph Pro – The Most Innovative Decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange of 2018

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MetaMorph Pro is a decentralized “Morphing” and trading platform that was designed to be one of the most efficient, safe and secured exchanges in the world. The good thing about MetaMorph Pro is that there’s no KYC (Know Your Customer) feature for you to start using the platform. Unlike Shapeshift, it now requires users to perform an optional KYC when using their services.

Other big exchanges such as Binance, OKex, KuCoin also requires users to complete their KYC to bypass the withdrawal limits. As for MetaMorph Pro, investors and traders can simply login via Metamask or Ledger and start either holding their assets on MetaMorph.pro for safety and to check portfolio and get valuable reports, swap cryptocurrency using the Morphing technology or trade using an advanced orderbook feature all without withdrawal limits and while staying 100% anonymous.

The main highlight for MetaMorph Pro’s platform is and why it is unique over its competitors is because of their Morphing process being lightning fast with low in transaction fees. Investors and traders are looking for a competing edge when it comes to coin swapping and MetaMorph Pro believes they can be one of the leaders in this area.

The development of MetaMorph Pro’s wallet is also an incredible achievement for the team, It has been designed with the idea to be the most safest and secure wallets for different coins and tokens including being able to add your own tokens. Unlike traditional exchanges what you see is what you get but with MetaMorph.pro there will be an “add token” feature to display your favourite tokens using a contract address and the token can then appear and display inside the Wallet dashboard area.

MetaMorph Pro has started to accept partnerships from other projects such as Apollo Coin, Contractium, DyCoin, Dice Money, Bravo Coin, Kross Coin, XCrypt and Kart Block. However, MetaMorph Pro is open for others to list and partner with them.

With these ongoing partnerships, it was assured that MetaMorph Pro’s value will continue to grow in the long run.

MetaMorph Pro was also active in attending blockchain events and meetups, as well as having their own workshops. Jeff Caceres, MetaMorph Pro’s event coordinator, has hosted multiple cryptocurrency workshops in the Philippines and it’s still ongoing. On top of that, Dan has attended Blockconscious Event last August 11 at Brisbane, Australia. Famous crypto personalities like John McAfee and Alexander Borodich as the main speakers.

Last August 15, 2018, MetaMorph Pro (METM) token was officially listed in CoinMarketCap and on the 31st of August, 2018 METM token then was listed on one of the bigger exchanges such as LATOKEN.

Since early September Dan had expanded his team of programmers to work further with the exchange part. In that way, he makes sure that the exchange would work smoothly before it officially launches. Speaking of its much-awaited decentralised exchange platform, it will be officially launched on October 15, 2018. He also expanded his Development team and Legal such as Andreas Kovac and Ivica Juras (Senior Blockchain Developers), Nikita Alexandar (Senior Mobile Developer) and Jeff Chung (Legal, Tax, and Compliance).

Because of their highly-trained, dedicated and passionate development team and advisors, MetaMorph Pro is now on the right direction that would become a difference maker in terms of atomic swapping and exchanging coins or tokens for the Decentralized economy.

MetaMorph Pro also got a brand new looking website lately, thanks to Gytis Ceglys, their UX/UI designer. Just like the old one, it features the entire description of MetaMorph Pro’s state of the art decentralised platform, roadmap, team, markets and having their own online merchandise store that you can buy stuff such as hoodies, shirts or so.

As for the future developments of MetaMorph Pro in their roadmap, they are now making their final touches of the exchange platform before it goes live on October 15, 2018. On top of that, they will be launching the mobile app and referral system within the Q4 of 2018. At the beginning of 2019, they would focus on launching the desktop app and platinum benefits, premium membership, MetaMorph Pro API and so much more. MetaMorph Pro would also be present in various blockchain events in the near future, as well as continuing their own workshops.

For more information, you can check out their website here: https://metamorph.pro

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