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Coinvest Announces A Public Beta Trading Competition For Its Platforms

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Coinvest officially opens its public beta for the Coinvest and Coinvest Plus platforms

DALLAS, TX – Coinvest, a technology company that develops solutions to empower the world to execute financial services using blockchain technology, has announced today that its flagship projects, Coinvest and Coinvest Plus, are now available in beta and open to the public for testing.

For the last few weeks, select testers, community members, and professional third-party auditing firms were tasked with testing the Coinvest and Coinvest Plus platforms, remediating issues, and performing security audits. After continued iteration and successful regression testing, the company is excited to welcome the public to its official beta program and competition.

About Coinvest

Using today’s solutions, investing in cryptocurrencies today is difficult and an intensive process. Especially for the average consumer.

With Coinvest, users can trade directly from their Coinvest cryptocurrency wallet and invest in hundreds of cryptonized assets and indexes using only the COIN token. Anyone can easily create a personalized portfolio by trading a single or basket of assets through a simple and friendly user experience. Coinvest is designed with simplicity in mind and caters to the average and retail investor.

About Coinvest Plus

For retail and institutional investors, Coinvest Plus is a cryptocurrency exchange that empowers users to trade cryptonized assets together.

The platform offers a host of tools such as statistical charts and advanced order book matching system. All in a sleek and compliant platform that encourages secure and trustworthy trading.

To encourage testing efforts, the Coinvest Wallet will include a competition and leaderboard that will track portfolio performance for the duration of the Beta. Users with the highest returns will win prizes including COIN tokens, the Coinvest Vault hardware wallet, and Coinvest apparel. To learn more about Coinvest beta programs, please visit https://beta.coinve.st.

About Coinvest

Coinvest is a technology company that develops solutions to empower the world to execute financial services using blockchain technology. The company’s mission is to create solutions for the world to seamlessly and securely use cryptocurrencies.

Coinvest is led by a team of Microsoft alumni and prominent advisors Tony Scott, former CIO of the US Government, VMWare, and Microsoft as well as Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable. Coinvest is one of the few blockchain companies in the world registered with the United States SEC and FinCEN. For more information about Coinvest, please visit https://coinve.st.

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