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Is There a Purpose to the Upcoming Bitcoin Air “Fork”?

If there is one trend that has become apparent in cryptocurrency, it is how Bitcoin tends to spawn a lot of new ideas. Not all projects are worth paying too much attention to, for rather obvious reasons. The Bitcoin Air project, which is possibly not even a serious project, is trying to generate some buzz among crypto enthusiasts.

The Bitcoin Air Concept

There are too many versions of Bitcoin on the market already. All of these clones also use the Bitcoin name in an effort to ride the world’s leading cryptocurrency’s coattails. Some succeed in this regard, whereas others struggle for traction. Bitcoin Air will fall into the latter category for now, although it remains to be seen how things unfold in this regard.

Bitcoin Air wants to position itself as a community-driven venture. Their business culture primarily revolves around transparency, scaling, and security. If there is one thing Bitcoin has lacked, it is scaling, although solutions are currently being developed to address that particular problem in the coming months.

Under the hood, Bitcoin Air uses a very different consensus algorithm compared to the real Bitcoin. It combines proof-of-work with proof-of-stake and a dual-chain blockchain infrastructure. That latter aspect is developed with Carbon Credit Asset backing, which might sound appealing to the right people.

There is also an initiative in place to build user-friendly applications. In this day and age, no cryptocurrency project can exist without its own native applications. Given how Bitcoin Air is still relatively unknown, the need for a “killer app” will become all the more prevalent. Achieving that goal, on the other hand, will prove to be very challenging.

The biggest question that comes to mind when new currencies are proposed is which future path they will follow. While Bitcoin Air wants to solve the “key issues associated with cryptocurrencies”, the way they plan to go about it is not necessarily more or less appealing compared to other projects. After all, it has been difficult, if not nigh impossible, for any current and abandoned cryptocurrency to hold a candle to Bitcoin.

It would appear Bitcoin Air will be distributed through a fork. A snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain has been taken, by the look of things, yet there is no official launch date for Bitcoin Air as of yet. Peercoin holders will also be part of this airdrop, which makes for an interesting situation. Making the project successful, however, will require a lot of hard work.

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