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Google rolls out ‘.new’ links for instantly creating new Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms

Google Docs just rolled out a time-saving trick that’s sure to be welcomed by heavy users of Docs, or any of Google’s other productivity tools like Sheets, Slides, Sites, or Forms. The company this week introduced its “.new” domain, which can be used to instantly create a new file across any of these services, it says.

For example, instead of going to Google Drive, clicking the “new” button, then the service you want to use, you can just type “doc.new” to get started in a new Google Doc.

Google helpfully registered many variations on this domain, as well, so docs.new and documents.new also work.

And the same format applies across Google’s productivity apps, meaning you can also type in things like sheet.new, sheets.new, spreadsheet.new, site.new, sites.new, website.new, slide.new, slides.new, deck.new, presentation.new, form.new, or forms.new.

(Don’t type in the “www” – just the domain.)

Introducing a ✨ .new ✨ time-saving trick for users. Type any of these .new domains to instantly create Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites or Forms ↓ pic.twitter.com/erMTHOsdyH

— Google Docs (@googledocs) October 25, 2018

If you tend to work with Google Docs on a regular basis, this little hack can end up saving a ton of time throughout your day. You can even bookmark the domains to use as shortcuts, so you can get to the same blank document with just a click.

This is all possible because Google owns the .new domain, which allows it to create whatever subdomains it wants on the site.

just learned about typing https://t.co/BPxev0k1uj into the address bar and this is a game changer

— merritt k (@merrittk) October 26, 2018

After Google tweeted the news on Thursday, users were so thrilled about the trick they started requesting other domains, too. “Do drawings pretty please,” asked one Twitter user. “Please also add email.new,” said another.

Google didn’t respond to those requests, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the domain was used in other ways across its apps in the future.

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