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PR: NeuronX – How Neural Networks Help Cryptotraders

The cryptotrader’s life is full of surprises, but not all of them can be considered as positive ones. The cryptocurrency market resembles the development of the Wild West as today there are tranquility and farming, but tomorrow there are attack of Indians and widespread panic. Traders should usually follow all market changes, analyze the bidding history, compare indicators all the time. However, even highly experienced players look like amateur cowboys trying to lasso a fluctuating cryptocurrency rate to hitch a jackpot.
A lack of competent forecasts provokes such kind of situation. The cryptocurrency in comparison with dollar or euro is characterized by a hyper volatility. On the cryptocurrency Stock Exchanges it is possible to make much more money without investing too much, as it is happens at the Classic market. It is obvious that trading in cryptocurrency exchanges is much more risky, but the benefits worth it. The traders are trying to forecast the situation and draw preliminary conclusions, but the human brain cannot control the rate changes 50% per hour and 3% per week.
Cryptotrading data doesn’t usually let make accurate forecasts.
However, artificial intelligence can outperform human traders. The classic financial market has already learned about robots which quantify the benefits more precisely than a human being. It seemed that it would take some time to invent such kind of engine. Although, neural networks are changing the cryptoworld, there won’t be any blind lassoing as the wild cryptocurrency market is turning into a comprehensible tool for trading and investments.
We are glad to present you the NeuronX which is a new intelligent data-processing platform. We have examined the market and have understood that we should combat its imperfection. That is why the NeuronX educates the artificial intelligence to make instant forecasts.
Evgeniy Rumin, CTO NeuronX: “The cryptocurrency market is too small in comparison with the stock markets because of its high volatility. For example, big players often make enormous profits associated with manipulative conspiracy. Apart from manipulation there are other factors provoking cryptocurrency fluctuations. It isn’t important why such kinds of market turmoils happen, but its outcomes can be and should be analyzed. People had been trying to do it for a long time using utilities and graphs. Such work demands more preparation and concentration. We have facilitated the cryptocurrency analytics as neural networks with big data 24/7 and better than a human being. NeuronX works with analytics instead of a user and offers the ready available information for the decision to be made.
NeuronX data-processing platform combines the abilities of artificial intelligence and machine algorithms and forecasts the cryptocurrency market outcomes to the nearest 70%. Neural networks differs from the ordinary trading robots as they work only with order book prices and count the transaction value. The NeuronX platform not only analyzes the rate changes but processes a great number of information. The human brain cannot cover simultaneously both technical and financial data, study news reports, analytics and social media information. However, the artificial intelligence can do it.
Neuronx is a dynamic platform. The information is stocked, the processed data is recorded as the new one is being added to expand the opportunities of the algorithm. The neural networks are capable to study very quickly. With time, forecasts are becoming more and more precise. The NeuronX accuracy is much higher than the other platform’s. The self-adjustment is being improved.
The NeuronX is able to forecast the candlestick close price using several algorithms. In particular, to forecast the price of 15-minute candlestick or one hour candlestick which are not open yet. It’s important to mention that the system transmits information only if it’s completely confident in its credibility. Such kind of assistant reduces the financial risks for traders and investors.
The NeuronX is going to give an opportunity to obtain the basic and experimental forecasts about the candlesticks, daily media analytics, the fundamental examination of short and long periods, reports about the top cryptocurrencies and rate information, capitalization, the net obstacles and the mining profitability. Such amount of data will be enough to be confident on Stock Exchanges. A trader or investor will have a chance to evaluate the information and choose a strategy, for instance, to wait or to risk, which cryptocurrency they should pay attention to or dispose of.
The 21 century trading shouldn’t resemble the Wild West, even if the cryptocurrency hasn’t become an ordinary financial tool yet and is still a dark horse. The NeuronX is able to forecast the market outcomes and to help the players to combat the uncertainty in trading on Stock Exchanges.

This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of NullTX. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research.

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