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“6 of 10 Moderators are leaving Ethtrader. A farewell.” : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

“6 of 10 Moderators are leaving Ethtrader. A farewell.” : CryptoCurrency


I cannot crosspost because of the Discord link. Here’s the original: Here’s a copy+pasta:

As a moderator team, we have tried working good faith with Carl (“lead mod” for this sub) for the past year and beyond to benefit r/EthTrader as a community, however, this has grown increasingly challenging due to consistently unilateral, and ostensibly self-serving decisions which he has made that degrade the quality of the sub.

Over the past week, this culminated in shocking and unilateral decisions by Carl to remove two long-time moderators over a minor, unsettled, disagreement on an administrative issue which was still under open discussion. In this unprecedented action, Carl unilaterally stripped u/AdamSC1 and then u/jtnichol of all moderator authorities and permissions. Combined with continual opaque behavior in engagement with Reddit around Donuts, and generally unproductive communication with the broader moderator team on on-going operational issues, we feel we have no choice but to step down as moderators of r/ethtrader as a result of these actions.

Ethereum is about decentralization and community consensus. We believe strongly in the Ethereum community, its users, developers, investors, and trading community – that was why many of us worked hard to build /r/EthTrader in the first place.

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Given recent events, we no longer feel it is possible to maintain a quality Moderator team here in r/EthTrader where one individual wields unilateral authority. As a result, the majority of the current moderator team is resigning effective immediately and will work to create a new sub, Twitter, and Discord called /r/EthFinance.

This new Reddit sub will be a high quality forum for all Ethereum-related discussions. It will be well-moderated by a team of veterans and equals who will work together to make decisions around the direction of the sub, and it will have the support of many prominent community members. With the support of our sister Twitter handle and Discord vectors, we hope to make a place for everyone to join in the discussion.

Walking away from r/EthTrader, was not an easy decision for us. All of us have invested years into growing and sustaining this community., But we could no longer stand-by the repeated unilateral decisions eroding the fabric of this community.

We hope you choose to join us, as we move forward in creating a proactive, positive community that can serve as a shining example of the values that Ethereum and blockchain stands for.


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