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6 Top-Rated Selfie Sticks

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6 Top-Rated Selfie Sticks

Despite widespread derision, selfie sticks are useful tools for photographers of all stripes.

Selfie sticks are an oddity. Despite widespread derision, they rose in popularity very quickly. For a time, you couldn’t go to a concert, tourist attraction, or even museums without encountering a group of people huddled around these bizarre arm extenders.

But now we have some distance from the fad, the utility of the selfie stick is clear. Beyond the social media obsession associated with the very concept of the selfie stick, they’re useful tools for photographers of all stripes. After all, a longer reach makes for more opportunities for great shots.

Doing a quick search for selfie sticks on Amazon, you’ll be overwhelmed with options. There are some solid products available at various price points, but finding the worthwhile purchases requires slogging through a sea of lackluster junk. So to help you skip the boring part, we’ve selected six of the top-rated selfie stick available on Amazon.

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  • 1

    Wotmic Selfie Stick

    Headed for a family reunion this summer? Want to ensure you can get the whole group in a single shot? This wireless selfie stick from Wotmic provides a lot of distance for just ten bucks. This telescoping aluminum selfie stick can extend over 3 feet while keeping your phone secure with built-in silicone grips. And that price? It’s hard to beat.

  • 2

    iOttie MiGo Selfie Stick

    Prefer something more compact and simple? The iOttie MiGo mini selfie stick has a maximum range of 28 inches while collapsing down to just nine inches. Stash this stick in your purse or backpack, and you’ll be ready for group photos at a moment’s notice.

  • 3

    Alaska Life Selfie Stick

    Similarly, this electronics-free selfie stick from Alaska Life is rugged and compatible with a wide range of cameras and phones. It’s durable enough to bring with you in the wild, and also functions as a monopod to help stabilize your shots. And since it’s built to work with GoPro Heros, DSLRs, and smartphones, multi-device families are covered.

  • 4

    Aeifond Mini Selfie Stick

    If you’re interested in broadening your photography repertoire, this smartphone photography bundle from Aeifond is worth your time. Not only does the Aeifond selfie stick expand to an impressive 37.4 inches long, but it also comes with a tripod, detachable Bluetooth remote, and a three-in-one lens.

  • 5

    GoRad Selfie Stick

    Looking for a sturdy stick that can handle a camping and kayaking trip? This waterproof model from GoRad Gear is made from anodized aluminum tubes and stainless steel to avoid rust even during your biggest adventures. It doesn’t come with a trigger, but it’s an excellent option for capturing video as you float down the river.

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  • 6

    Lifestyle Designs Selfie Stick & Tripod

    This selfie stick and tripod from LifeStyle Designs provides stability in a wide variety of situations without breaking the bank. Whether you need a straightforward selfie stick, a tabletop tripod, a grounded tripod, or a mount for tree branches or poles, this bundle provides flexibility for crisp photos and silky smooth video.

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