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7 Apps Everyone Needs on Their Apple Watch

iPhone Apps

7 Apps Everyone Needs on Their Apple Watch

What should you download? These apps are the best place to start.

You’ve got an Apple Watch, but which apps will work with it, and which are worth trying? That depends on how you want to use your watch—to listen to music, to help you stay fit, to stay abreast of the news, or to find information.

To use an app on your Apple Watch, you first need to install it on your iPhone. To see which apps are already installed and which ones are available, open the Watch app on your phone. Swipe down on the My Watch screen to the "Installed on Apple Watch" section. You can remove an installed app by tapping on it and turning off the option to "Show App on Apple Watch."

Swipe down to the next section, Available Apps, and tap the Install button for any apps you want. To find more apps, tap on the icon for App Store in the Watch app to browse or search. Here's a good cross-section of apps to start you off.

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  • 1 Pandora Music

    If you already listen to Pandora on your computer or iPhone, you can also enjoy it on your watch. The downside is that the Pandora app (like many third-party music apps) can't pipe music directly from your watch to a Bluetooth headset or speaker; you still need your iPhone nearby to act as a go-between. Once you pair a Bluetooth device with your iPhone, you can choose and control your music with your watch.

    When you launch the Pandora app on your watch, the app displays stations you've already created. Swipe through the list to view each station, and tap on More to see additional stations. Then tap the station you wish to hear, or tap the Shuffle button to shuffle music from all your stations. You can play or pause the current song, give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, and skip to the next track. Swipe to the left to move to the volume control screen. Swipe all the way to the right to return to the station list.

    To create a new station via your watch, press down on any of the app's screens until you see a button to Create Station, then tap that button; or segue to the Stations screen and tap on the link to Create Station. Siri pops up. Speak the name of an artist, genre, or song, and the app displays suggested stations. Tap the station you want to hear and add to your repertoire. Other music apps worth checking are iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

  • 2 Overcast Radio

    Apple's Podcasts app doesn't support the Apple Watch—but the third-party Overcast app does. You'll have to pair your Bluetooth headset or speaker with your iPhone to listen to Overcast, but you can control the playback from your watch. Open the app, and you'll see the last podcast you accessed. You can play it, pause it, jump ahead 30 seconds, or jump back 30 seconds. Tap the menu icon to see all unplayed episodes for that podcast; tap the All link to see all your podcasts; and tap All Episodes to see all the episodes for all your podcasts.

  • 3 Gymaholic

    You'll find lots of fitness and exercise apps for the Apple Watch. One app to get you moving is Gymaholic, which serves up a different routine every day. One day, you might focus on your chest, biceps, and triceps via barbell bench presses, barbell curls, and triceps pushdowns. Another day, you could tone up your back and shoulders with a different series of exercises. If you don't know how to do a particular exercise, just tap it, and the app explains the steps. It monitors each exercise, showing you the number of reps, your heart rate, and calories burned. You can save the stats for each workout and sync them with your phone to view your history.

  • 4 MyFitnessPal

    With MyFitnessPal, you can track your food and water intake and your activity consumed toward a goal of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. The app starts by displaying the number of calories, carbs, fat, and protein that you've eaten. At the next screen, you can keep track of how much water you drink. Swipe to the next screen, and you can add the number of calories for each meal and snack. The next screen shows the totals of each nutrient you can or should consume for the day. The final screen displays the number of steps you've taken throughout the day.

  • 5 CBS News

    Reading stories on a tiny screen may seem awkward, but it'll do in a pinch. One app that offers all the news fit to read on your watch is CBS News: Unlike most news apps for the Apple Watch, CBS News delivers full stories, not just the headlines or a couple of paragraphs. You can swipe through the latest breaking news stories and tap the ones that interest you.

  • 6 News 360

    To use the News 360 app, you select your interests on your phone to determine the news stories that appear. Then you access the stories via the app on your Apple Watch, swiping from one story to another. For each item there's a headline, photos, and most of the full story—at least several paragraphs worth.

  • 7 Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    On the move, and need a word definition? Turn to the handy Merriam-Webster Dictionary app on your Apple Watch. Tap the Get Definition button and speak your word. Siri pops up to receive it and serves up a definition. You can also get definitions for phrases and other items that you'd find in most dictionaries.

  • 8 Voice & Text Translator

    Need a translation on the fly? Voice & Text Translator can translate words and phrases from English to dozens of languages. Open the app, and tap the Globe icon to choose the target language, such as Italian, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, or Russian. Tap the large circle. You can now speak the word or phrase you want translated or try to write it using the watch's Scribble mode. Tap Done, and the translation appears on the screen. Tap on the speaker icon to hear the translation.

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