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8 Video Games You’ll Want to Buy in November


8 Video Games You’ll Want to Buy in November

The year is nearly over, but the influx of quality games doesn't let up this November.

Every month this year has been packed with must-own video game titles, but the holiday season is upon us, when publishers release their best games to entice indulgent shoppers and noble gift givers.

Frankly, there is an absurd number of games hitting store shelves this November, and that comes after October's amazing selection of games. Last month, we saw blockbuster games like Super Mario Odyssey with its iconic platforming and exploration. Assassin's Creed Origins also took inspiration from recent open world games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, delivering some excellent combat, RPG-like progression, and challenging stealth gameplay amidst the wonder and intrigue of Ptolemaic Egypt.

Whether you're on the hunt for a hectic first-person shooter, tough melee action, and most anything in between, November has you covered. We start the month off with Call of Duty: WWII, pitting players against the fascist regime that dragged the world into the deadly war. If the historic first-person action is too dense for you, you might want to dive into the science-fiction action in Star Wars Battlefront II, which delivers a rich new campaign and overhauled gameplay. If you're feeling a bit nostalgic, enjoy any number of remastered video games coming out in November instead. Check out our picks below.

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  • 1Call of Duty: WWII

    Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
    Release Date: November 3, 2017
    MSRP: $59.99

    Activision's blockbuster first-person shooter goes back to its roots in with Call of Duty: WWII. Unlike the more recent iterations of the series, which introduced energetic sliding, double jumping, and high-tech weaponry, WWII focuses on the straightforward run-and-gun gameplay of the older games. Players can dive onto the floor to avoid gunfire or find cover. The campaign mode also doesn't feature regenerating health, and forces players to rely on medical units on their team to restore for healing.

  • 2.hack//G.U. Last Recode

    Platforms: PC, PS4
    Release Date: November 3, 2017
    MSRP: $49.99

    The .hack//G.U. games are a series of single-player RPGs set within an MMORPG called The World. It follows a player named Haseo, who is hunting down another player within the game world, while also uncovering details about the bizarre AI anomaly that is infecting players in the game. Last Recode is a remaster of the original 3-volume series, and includes an all-new volume that picks up where the original games end.

  • 3Nioh: Complete Edition

    Platforms: PC
    Release Date: Nov. 7 2017

    Nioh is a fictionalized retelling of the story of William Adams, the renowned sailor and first foreigner to become a samurai in Japan. William becomes embroiled in a supernatural war against demons that are running amok across the countryside. Nioh features brutally challenging enemies, dangerous traps, and technical melee combat that gives you plenty of content to master. The Complete Edition launches on PC and features all previously released DLC.

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  • 4Doom

    Platforms: Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: November 10, 2017
    MSRP: $59.99

    The iconic 90's shooter made an impressive return to the video game scene last year, and Nintendo Switch fans can now enjoy the game on the go. Doom features white-knuckle shooting action, grossly overpowered weapons, and excellent level design. If you missed Doom last year, or have an urge to play it on the go, pick it up this month on the Switch.

  • 5L.A. Noire: Remastered

    Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: November 14, 2017
    MSRP: $39.99 (PS4/Xbox One), $49.99 (Nintendo Switch)

    L.A. Noire takes players into post-WWII America and follows Cole Phelps, a veteran soldier trying his hand at police work in the City of Angels. Phelps starts off as a patrolman and works his way through the department's many bureaus, solving a wide range of crimes and conspiracies in the city. L.A. Noire features an interesting investigative dialogue system that encourages players to question and press witnesses to piece together a crime scene.

  • 6Star Wars Battlefront II

    Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
    Release Date: November 17, 2017
    MSRP: $59.99

    Battlefront II takes the third person shooter action of 2015's Battlefront, and reintroduces the rich story that made the series so memorable over a decade ago. The single player campaign tells a story that bridges the game world to the events in The Force Awakens film. It also includes the multiplayer gameplay from the previous Battlefront game, giving Star Wars fans plenty of content to enjoy.


  • 7Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

    Platforms: Nintendo 3DS
    Release Date: November 17, 2017
    MSRP: $39.99

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon take place in the Hawaii-inspired region called Alola, and they build on what was established in the previously released games. The Ultra games introduce all new Pokémon, gameplay tweaks, and an alternate storyline. The setting has been expanded to include new locations as well, giving fans plenty to enjoy as they explore familiar territory.

  • 8Sonic Forces

    Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: November 7, 2017
    MSRP: $39.99

    Doctor Eggman and his army of robots have once again laid waste to the world, and Sonic and friends must band together to stop him. Forces is similar to Sonic Generations in that levels are divided into 2.5D side scrolling gameplay, and fully 3D gameplay. Forces also lets players create their own avatar to use in levels.

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