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Worked at a top 3 global bank in multiple retail branches, can confirm.

They only send the BARE minimum amount of cash to each retail banking location. Even the busiest locations in the busiest regions, they’re very strict and manager have to order cash/coin each week.

So if a bunch of people came and wiped them out of cash, they’d have to emergency order more and that’s not a good look to the branch’s metrics. Probably costs an extra charge from Brinks or something.

So imo 2 people can run-on a bank. Fdic my ass.

Now, more than ever, is the easiest time for people to run on banks. Honestly, a few hundred people could probably wipe out cities of multiple banks at a time if they had the cash and coordinated properly.

Oh, and FDIC doesn’t mean you’ll get the cash out of your account, it protects your deposits in case you get hacked or defrauded more than anything.

You’ll end up getting hit by the branch withdrawal policy and it won’t even be considered an issue from the bank’s standpoint. “That’s not a normal amount of money for our customers to withdrawal.” would probably be the manager’s response.

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