Apple has apparently left its most up-to-date iPhones
vulnerable against a rather hacking risk due to unpatching a bug in the most
recent iOS 12.4 update that it had fixed in the earlier iOS 12.3 update.
Furthermore, because of the slip-up, all iPhones running iOS 12.4 would now be
very easily jailbroken and a few iPhone users have just tweeted that they are
effectively running the “jailbreak”.
Since jailbreaking an iPhone gives users a chance to modify
their iOS devices and run unsupported apps,some security researchers have
officially begun exploiting the vulnerability in iOS 12.4 and released a public
“jailbreak” on an ‘open-sourced software development platform’
A security researcher going by the name of
“Pwn20wnd” has published a jailbreakfor iOS 12.4, ” The exploits
for the iPhone can sell for millions of dollars, which means that no one has
been willing to release jailbreak code publicly because Apple will quickly
patch it,” said the report.
Since had fixed this defect, found by a Google hacker, in the
earlier iOS 12.3 version.
Ivan Krstic, Head of Security Engineering and Architecture
at Apple had as of late declared to pay up to $1 million to security
researchers for discovering the flaws and vulnerabilities as a feature of its
bug bounty program, during the annual 
Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas.
Nonetheless Security experts continue to warn users to be
careful of what apps they download with this jailbreak.

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