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And with triple passive staking rewards. : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

And with triple passive staking rewards. : CryptoCurrency



Voting for the P-REPS will be the first step and is coming end of summer. Even this is an outstanding residual income option for people who know how to run servers and want to help secure the ICON block chain.

The percents for staking have not been specified yet, but I have heard 3-5% thrown around, with greater percents going to those who are P-REPS, create Dapps, or contribute to the ecosystem in some tangible way.

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Note: Technically this isn’t “PASSIVE” staking. The ICON team has said they do not consider it “passive” because you must pay attention to where your coins are staked, and move them to other initiatives if one goes inactive, etc. (honestly very easy).

But this encourages participation, unlike other projects where you do literally nothing and get money for it. Projects like those are not growing from their staking program. They’re bleeding funds out to investors who do nothing. ICON will also reward more $ for participating in voting. They want you to be active in the ecosystem to generate rewards.


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