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Apple iOS update ends in jailbroken iPhones (if that’s what you want) – Naked Security

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Apple iOS update ends in jailbroken iPhones (if that’s what you want) – Naked Security


For the first time in… well, in ages, anyway… a jailbreak exists for the very latest version of iOS!

Jailbreaking is where you exploit a security hole, or more likely a whole series of security holes, in what is essentially a carefully orchestrated cybersecurity attack on yourself, in order to liberate yourself from Apple’s locked-down attitude to iPhones.

Want to install your own apps? Want to modify locked system settings? Want to run network services like SSH or even a tiny web server? Want the freedom to delve more deeply into a running system than Apple will let you? Want to patch security holes on old and unsupported devices?

Want to run the risk of heading into the unknown and accidentally putting your iDevice at more risk than it was before?

Jailbreaking lets you do all of those things, typically by lagging behind the latest iOS updates on purpose, leaving as many holes open as you dare while the jailbreaking community tries to figure out ways to exploit them.

If you keep your iPhone bang up-to-date, you run the risk that by the time a working exploit has been discovered for version X, you’re already on X+2 or X+7 and the exploit no longer works.

And, yes, it’s a complicated irony that one of the oft-mentioned benefits of jailbreaking, namely that it means you can fix bugs as soon as you like without waiting for Apple, is usually achieved by deliberately avoiding bug fixes that Apple has already published.

Well, this time is different!

If you’ve been sticking with iOS 12.3, for example, in the hope of a jailbreak coming out, you face the unusual prospect of upgrading officially to 12.4 first.

Long-time Apple hacker and jailbreaker Pwn20wnd (the middle characters are both digits) just released an updated to his popular Undecimus project, also known as unc0ver and touted as “the most advanced jailbreak tool.”

Right now, at least, you simply can’t jailbreak iOS 12.3 even though iOS 12.4 is open for jailbreaking business, and here’s why.

Bear with us, because there’s a metaphor coming.