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Apple Offers Discounted ‘Lucky Bags’…in Japan

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Apple Offers Discounted ‘Lucky Bags’…in Japan

With a Lucky Bag, shoppers purchase a bag for a set price without knowing what's inside.

Apple is once again offering "Lucky Bags" to shoppers at its brick-and-mortar stores – but only in Japan.

With a Lucky Bag, shoppers purchase a bag for a set price without knowing what's inside. But the bags usually include a nice assortment of items sold in the Apple Store: as MacRumors noted, last year's $345 Lucky Bag came in four configurations, but one of them included an 11-inch MacBook Air, while the other had an iPad Air, plus other goodies like Beats Pill speakers and Apple Magic Mouse.

Given that the 11-inch MacBook Air starts at $899 and the iPad Air 2 begins at $499, it's a pretty good deal.

According to Apple's terms, customers are limited to one Lucky Bag per purchase, and must buy their bags at an Apple Store. You can only return your Lucky Bag if the merchandise inside is defective – so no returns if you don't like what you get.

Apple has been doing this for several years in Japan; there are videos on YouTube from 2011, 2012, 2013, and earlier this year (below).

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Mac Otakara was at the Apple Store in Nagoya Sakae in January, where shoppers were lined up around the block in the hopes of getting their hands on the best Lucky Bags.

Why Japan? These Lucky Bags – or Fukubukuro – are a Japanese New Year's custom, and various retailers take part, offering grab bags filled with goodies at a nice discount.


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