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Apple TV Plus Is Just $5. Will People Pay for It?

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Apple TV Plus Is Just $5. Will People Pay for It?


Tim Cook went into full salesman mode at Apple’s promotional event on Tuesday as he revealed the price for a monthly subscription for its streaming service, Apple TV Plus.

“All — all — of these incredible shows for the price of a single movie rental,” Mr. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said. “This is crazy.”

Apple TV Plus is scheduled to make its debut as a competitor to Netflix and Amazon on Nov. 1. The cost is $5 a month. For anyone buying a new iPhone, iPad or Mac laptop, a one-year subscription will be thrown in free.

In the streaming industry, $5 is a figure that grabs attention.

Disney announced $7 as the monthly price for its original service, Disney Plus, which has a Nov. 12 start date. An Amazon Prime subscription, which includes streaming, is $10 a month, while Hulu goes for $6 a month with ads and $12 without. CBS All Access costs $6 with commercials and $10 without. WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, is scheduled to go live next year at no lower than $15 a month, and Netflix’s standard plan costs $13 a month.

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