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BeConnect the next Big Lending Platform Announces the Launch of Digital Currency and ICO

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BeConnect the next Big Lending Platform Announces the Launch of Digital Currency and ICO

The post BeConnect the next Big Lending Platform Announces the Launch of Digital Currency and ICO appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews.

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BeConnect has announced that its initial coin offering and of its lending platform with the Ethereum ecosystem will launched soon. Based in Switzerland, the platform will be offering a faster transaction process with reduced risk and fee, thanks to its higher security cover without room for any third parties.

The platform will allow users to earn more from the digital currency world, enabling lending, staking, mining, affiliate program, trading and more coming soon. This allows users to earn income in six different ways, an unprecedented feat in the cryptocurrency space.

The ICO that is scheduled to commence on the 1st February 2018 will run till 1st March 2018, providing the public with an opportunity to purchase as much BeConnect (BCT) as they possibly can, and profit from the expected increase in value in the future, with similar platforms recording profits of 200,000% after the ICO, in a year.

The BeConnect platform is available in 9 different international languages, allowing anyone and everyone across the globe to enjoy the immense benefits of the platform and ultimately, of being a part of the digital currency world.

In addition to the benefits listed above. Other reasons to be a part of the BeConnect community include the financial freedom and flexibility that comes with not having a restraining influence of centralized banking. Incidents such as identity theft and excessive bank charges will also be eliminated with the launch of BeConnect, while providing the public an efficient investment tool to boost their earnings.

While the platform is yet to be launched, interested persons can get more information and updates about BeConnect and 3 free BCTs by subscribing to BeConnect’s newsletter. There is also a Telegram channel created to get the latest updates and news about BeConnect.

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About BeConnect

BeConnect is a cryptocurrency platform with its headquarters in Switzerland. The platform provider users with a wide range of opportunities to make money from the world of digital currency, allowing them to lend, trade, stake, mine and earn as an affiliate.

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