How does a driveway sensor work?

Driveway sensors use similar technology other motion sensors use.

Infrared beams sense movement with heat and are more common in trail cams and outdoor sensors.
Magnetic probes only sense metal, making them less prone to false alarms triggered by pets or kids playing in the driveway. However, they’re much more expensive.
Rubber hose sensors look like those at a professional garage or drive-thru. When a car or heavy vehicle drive over the hose, the sensor triggers.
Photo beam sensors use light. When an object blocks the sensors, you’ll get an alert from the sensor.

Can a driveway sensor detect people? 

Yes, it depends on the sensor type, but driveway sensors can pick up activities from people or animals. If you’re concerned about home invaders, package thiefs, or other threats, installing a security camera in tandem with your driveway sensor.

Where should I install my driveway sensor?

It depends on your driveway. If your home borders a busy road, it’s best to move the sensor closer to your home to avoid false alarms from traffic. Sensors for longer driveways may be best halfway between your home and the beginning of your driveway.

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