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Bingeworthy: Netflix Snaps Up Streaming Rights to ‘Seinfeld’

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Bingeworthy: Netflix Snaps Up Streaming Rights to ‘Seinfeld’


The battle for the streaming rights to 1990s sitcoms continued on Monday, when Netflix announced it had acquired the global rights to “Seinfeld.”

The hit comedy will begin appearing on the streaming service in 2021. “Seinfeld” currently streams on Hulu in the United States and in many other countries on Amazon. Hulu has the rights to the show until June 2021. Netflix struck the deal with Sony Pictures Television, which distributes the show.

The “Seinfeld” deal, which was reported earlier by The Los Angeles Times, comes in the middle of a frenzied battle between media companies over the rights of beloved vintage sitcoms.

Last year, Netflix paid $100 million to keep “Friends” on its platform for another year. Earlier this year, WarnerMedia, which is rolling out a new streaming platform called HBO Max next year, nabbed the rights to the show.

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