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Blockchain adoption through an interopable OS Quant Network : CryptoCurrency

Crypto Currency

Blockchain adoption through an interopable OS Quant Network : CryptoCurrency


Quant Company,

Product: Overledger , Quant Health , GoVerify, Quant Sentry, Quant Security , Quant IP

Team (CEO,CO-founder- now advisor, CTO): Gilbert Verdian , Paolo Tasca , Colin Paterson.
(Rest of team:

Also Guy Dietrich, managing Director of Rockefeller Capitral has joined Quant Network Board of Directors:

This months news (confirmed): AX Trading Partnership (SEC verified trading system) –

Quant Network blog post about AX trading:

Binance Chain will be added to overledger –

Short term upcoming news: Multiple tier 1 exchanges and a traditional exchange. Clients and Partners to be revealed. More in-depth information on their partnership with SIA.(SIA see partners under this thread)


Overledger is the blockchain operating system that enables interoperability between blockchains and connects the world’s existing networks and the Internet to blockchain.

Overledger encourages innovation by allowing developers to build applications across multiple ledgers or multi-chain applications (MApps), meaning that developers can harness the power of multiple individual blockchains to build the most effective solution instead of being confined to just one (‘single-ledger dependency’). Overledger not only enables blockchain-to-blockchain communication, it also takes things a step further and seamlessly connects existing networks and the Internet to blockchain, allowing Enterprises to harness the power of blockchain to address real-world challenges.

Overledger is already connect to: Hyperledger – Corda – JPM Quorum – Ethereum – Ripple – Bitcoin – Stellar – IOTA – EOS – Binance Chain (this month). Of course way more to come. And there are currently 272 Registered Organisations building on overledger:

This means a ledger, app (mapp) , company or any IoT device can be deployed, connected and function on every chain and real world internet as we know it today.

Quant Health: More info to come with new website. (this month’s rebranding) They already had meetings with for example the department of Health (London) and more.

GoVerify: GoVerify is a new system to verify if a caller, texter or emailer is the legit person behind this. They already are deploying this on banks and there is a huge demand for it. Trusttag so to call. (

Quant Atlas: Introducing Quant Atlas, our solution to enable interoperable banking through cross border Open Banking. (


Named Cool Vendor by GARTNER 2019:

(BAT and LINK are the only companies as well to do so)

SIA: SIA is a leading infrastructure which has 2000+ financial institutions and 570 banks connected to their own wired network. And they will be using OVERLEDGER for INTEROPERABILITY.

Gilbert Verdian after the partnership with SIA on Telegram:

“This is what ripple with XRP, Stellar with XLM and partnering with IBM have been trying to do” – “This is a game changer we’ve been working on. We’re bringing blockchain interoperability to the 570 banks that SIA work with”



Founding member of INATBA:

Global Startup Ecosystem by Oracle:

Guarantor of PAY.UK:


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Crowdz: On the front page are the rest of the partners:

HAW Hamburg – MOBI – Accord – INTEROPen – Atlantic Power Exchange – UCL CBT – UKcloud – Global Legal Blockchain Consortium – Allianceblock – NVIDIA Inception Program.

Quant Network and the JBI have signed a MoU for a five-year cooperation. –

Overledger is the only platform to facilitate internet-scale development and deployment of decentralised, multi-chain applications (MApps) and Treaty Contracts (multi-chain smart contracts)

As stated, We have more than one fortune 500/FTSE 100 company signed. We are going to the press release cycle now. They work with Governments , Enterprises and Central Banks.

Gilbert has founded ISO/TC 307 Standard – Blockchain and Distributed ledger technologies.

Where 57 countries are working with. An ISO Standard is created to adopt one certain technology for a certain element. (This is big)

Team members CV:

Gilbert Verdian:

“Gilbert is a technologist with an upbringing in business and a deep background in technology and security.

Having over 20 years of industry experience he has worked across Government in Downing St, HM Treasury, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice and NSW Health and private sector at CSC, EY, HSBC and BP.

Having a keen interest in disruptive technology, he’s the founder of the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 and is the Chair of the UK’s national committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies (DLT/1).

He’s actively working to advance technology in the areas of AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and FinTech.”

Paolo Tasca:

“Paolo Tasca is a Digital Economist, an expert on digital innovation with salient expertise on Blockchain technologies and Complex Systems.

We stand on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution, which will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. New technologies are dramatically transforming our economic systems, and our society in general, into something very different from what we were used to thinking about over the last few decades.”

Colin Paterson:

“Colin is a technology innovator with a background in Information, Cybersecurity and AI.

He calls on his years of cross sector experience in; Health, Defence, Finance and Utilities combined with his passion for new and emergent technologies to solve real world problems.

Working to democratise blockchain development he is seeking along with the other founders of Quant to help developers unchain the full potential of ledger technologies.”

The team has connections over the whole world, aiming to be the most enterprise experienced team in the crypto space. They have spoken with many company’s like PwC and such. On the telegram you can find much more answers of them, and they are very active (outside the Telegram). Every monday the team joins telegram to answer all questions. (AMA)

They are not hyping there project, they are building the future. And that is why I wrote this reddit post. To inform the crypto community and make it grow. This is the next big thing.

Circ Supply: 12,072,738 QNT

Total: 14,612,493 QNT

Mcap: 103,500,327 $ USD



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